• Reagan,
    Your post was very interesting and well-written. I liked how you didn’t present learning disabilities in a negative way like many other people, which like you said has detrimental effects on those with LDs. I didn’t know there was such a significant percentage of Americans with LDs and that they can be more apparent in different times of…[Read more]

  • Parker commented on the post, Where I’m From Poem 1 year ago

    I really liked your poem. Just 16 lines gave me insight into who you are and what made you that way. I liked how you incorporated many different aspects of your life, like cold fall nights, a never disappearing wish, and even fried chicken. It all helped me see a little of what shaped you and what you’re like. Thank you for your post.

  • With the past wildfire season of California we can see an increase in number of fires and the intensity at which they burn. With the increase of fires, there is also an increase in danger to people living in fire

    • Annie replied 1 year ago

      This is a very thought-provoking topic. I liked how you brought in different aspects of what could be contributing to the wildfires and showed how each of them are worsened by climate change, such as the beetles and California’s infamous drought. Also, like you mentioned, California has one of the highest state taxes, and lots of taxpayer money is being used to fight these intense fires that could be used elsewhere, such as towards improving education or poverty. Clearly these fires are detrimental to California in ways we cannot see, and it would be interesting to see your take on these other elements. I found this article discussing how drought, paired with high temperatures brought about by humans (which ties into your argument about climate change), worsened the fires: https://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/western-wildfires/drought-heat-worsened-humans-help-fuel-california-fires-n809571
      Nice work!

  • Tom,
    I think this is an interesting topic. I’ve played and watched sports my whole life and wondered a lot about careers in sports. I think that like any job, your network that you build is a huge part of finding jobs and being hired. For high-level athletes, the networks they build are crucial for their present athletic career as well as future…[Read more]

  • Shane,
    I had never thought about this topic before so this was really interesting. The statistics you used were very effective in explaining your opinion. I couldn’t believe that “Of the world’s 5 billion hectares, about 68% of it is used for livestock.” I’ve heard about how going vegan or vegetarian is good for the environment, but I didn’t r…[Read more]

  • Parker commented on the post, Wonder – ISO Giovanni 1 year ago

    Your poem was very well-written. I loved all of the simple details you added because they made me visualize exactly what you were talking about. I could really feel how much this childhood memory meant to you. I hope to see more poems by you.

  • Parker commented on the post, Education 1 year ago

    Great post. I liked how you talked about the viewpoints of the four major groups in education – students, teachers, administrators, and parents. Sometimes it can feel like they all want different things, and even though everyone is just wanting what’s best for the students, these four groups often have opposing ideas of what’s “best,” l…[Read more]

  • Parker commented on the post, Behind those Letters 1 year ago

    I really liked your post. Sometimes we don’t really think about the significance of our names, so it was nice how you took the time to reflect on what your name meant to you and also your parents. It was meaningful when you talked about why your parents gave you your name and how it means “a gift from God.” Like you said, you are the…[Read more]

  • Reilly,
    You did a great job of incorporating facts that showed how severe this issue is. It was shocking to hear that “an estimated 50% of reefs have been lost within the last 30 years, with annual die off continually increasing. If this trend continues, 90% of global coral reefs are predicted to die off by 2050.” I think more awareness nee…[Read more]

  • California broke many record this past year, records that weren’t meant to be broken. This past year California had the most wildfires it has had on record and the most destructive they have ever been. With the

  • Throughout Donald Trumps time in the American spotlight we have seen who he really is. From the beginning of his presidency we have seen insensitive remarks toward other racial and culture groups. Someone with

    • Dear Parker,
      I am very amazed by your post “Trump Against American Values.” You have great courage to speak out on this subject and make American citizens realize what kind of sick person is running this country. Many American’s identify the problems this subject is causing, but prefer to avoid the topic and look the other way while others are just living with fear to speak their minds and get judged for their personal opinion.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is, “This country stands for freedom and equality and as we have seen throughout history we haven’t always been equal.” This is accurate because America has made diverse mistakes over the years;but I believe its is time we show the world what America stands for and endure the Bill of rights.
      Another sentence that I noticed was, “In recent news we have gotten word of Trump calling African countries shit hole countries.” This stood out for me because I cannot understand why The President of the United States would speak like that about other countries. I don’t believe it’s respectful to label or stereotype a country just because you feel superior to them. People say words hurt more than actions, and Trump apparently did not learn manners or respect towards others; If he didn’t have something nice to say he could of just kept his mouth closed.
      Your post reminds me of something that once happened to me: I was in class and we were asked to give our opinions on what candidate we wanted to win the presidential election and why. I recall being nervous to give my opinion because I didn’t want to be judged and because politics can be a very intense subject. Being nervous and all, I gave my opinion and thankfully everyone acted respectfully towards each other.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because you are a very honest person and you stand up for what you believe in. Thank You.

  • Hello Trey,
    I really liked your post about how technology is making our ability to concentrate less and how it is effecting the everyday life of people. I have experienced this in my life while trying to study i will get distracted or loose focus on what i am doing because of my phone or other technology. I think that this issue would be hard to…[Read more]

  • Dear Nate,

    I like your insight on homework and how it effects the minds of students and how at an early age it isn’t beneficial for students and how they do on tests. I think that homework is important but not 3 hours of homework a night I liked how you used resources to complement your ideas. I also liked how you gave examples of how homework…[Read more]

  • Angelia,
    I really like reading what you had to say about the internet and how we might trust the internet blindly. I think that we should ask more questions about who we trust and also who we give information to. Do you think us as a society would be able to change how information is spread?

  • With the advancement of technology have we as a society become more lazy from the impacts of the internet and also robotics. I believe that all of the advancement with technology has made our society less active

    • hi there! I agree with your thinking that technology has made our generation lazier. Yes there are so many pros to the recent advances in technology, but it also has hurt society. I think that nowadays, childhood is very different than what it used to be like. I see kids being almost addicted to their phones, instead of going outside and running around with their friends. Another side affect I think is that our generation has a shorter attention span. And I would say this is due to technology. I enjoyed reading about your thoughts, and I agree completely with you.

    • I agree with that fact that technology is making us lazier.I thinl because technolgy has become advanced many people depend so much on it.

    • That’s great, I like your article . You argue that technology that will makes human be lazy, because the technology is like a drug holding you go a scare place.

    • Also I want say why i think technology makes us to go a scary place because I play the Romance Game Every single day and everyday watch scary video or just a video on”Youtube” so sometimes My eyes will be tired

  • Parker wrote a new post, Dpoy? 1 year, 4 months ago

    Draynond Green is a power forward for the golden state warriors in the national basketball league. He comes out of michigan state and was drafted in the second round and was quicly written off as a bust. Nkw in

    • Dear Parker,

      Your essay was outstanding, Brodie. I like how you talk about Draymond Green and how he thinks he’s the best player on the Golden State Warriors. In reality, he’s not a very good player and has no offensive skills.


    • Marco replied 1 year ago

      Dear Parker,
      Your essay was very interesting, and I liked the way you described Draymond Green. That’s true when he first started he wasn’t that good he improve a lot he is now a two time nba champion for the Golden state Warriors. I was like that to I started from the bottom and I’m here where I am right now I improve a lot now when I play in teams for basketball I do better and I make more points than what I usually used to make.

  • Places like India, China and Africa that have an enormous population and with the increase in population we see a lot of problems that accompany it. We see issues such as global warming, environment pollution,

  • I found your post very insightful and you took your argument the right way you didn’t just say how they are wrong but rather asking for answers on how we can fix what is happening. I really liked your post and it raises questions I hope will be answered by our leaders today. You pointed out how we are doing less for funding education to build a…[Read more]

  • I agree that police profiling is a big problem we face in America. I feel like this topic needs to be more talked about if we are going to find a solution. Do you think better training is needed to stop racial profiling from police? A source I found is https://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/three_ways_to_reduce_implicit_bias_in_policing…[Read more]

  • I like the idea that you will look at both sides of the isle when it comes to gun control to see what positives and negatives both sides have. Do you think that gun control laws will help with illegal guns being sold on the black market? I think this site shows good pros and cons for gun control in America https://gun-control.procon.org. I have…[Read more]

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