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    I really liked how informative your post was on vaccines. I am curious if you believe it is immoral to not vaccinate your child. Because if you don’t vaccinate your child, your risking their lives and the lives of others, so does that come down to a matter of morality?

  • My parents are immigrants in the United States so I decided to learn more about immigration in the U.S. and the issues that come with it. Immigration is a very disputable topic in the U.S.. Many Americans often

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    You presented a very informative essay on animal rights. I’m curious as to where you stand on the issue. Do you believe that animals should have the same rights as humans? In reading this, I think animals definitely should have certain rights, but ones that aren’t equivalent to humans. Each animal requires a variety of rights that best fit…[Read more]

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    I really enjoyed reading your post. I especially liked the question at the end: “Why do we continue to take our freedom and independence for granted?” I liked it because it’s true. Many young Americans today want change, but don’t make the effort to make it therefore taking our freedom and independence for granted. For us to fully exercise are…[Read more]

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  • Immigration has always been an interesting topic in the United States. There have been policies, laws, and regulations because of immigration. It is been debated on for many years and the United States. Many

    • Patricia, you bring up a very controversial subject in today’s politics. I agree with you though. Our current challenges with immigration are tearing the country apart. We are a land built of immigrants, and I do not think we should start closing our borders now. Maybe, in order lessen the problems of illegal immigration, we should make legal immigration more obtainable. Therefore, those who would have snuck in illegally would be given another option. I found looking at the US Citizenship and Immigration Services website to be very informative on this subject. I can’t wait to read your writing in the future

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