• I really enjoyed reading about this issue in particular because it is relevant among high school students today. You stated that the NRA advocating for more gun rights leads to more school shootings, but you don’t necessarily dive into how that could happen. You make a conclusion, but don’t use information to back up that claim. You say guns are…[Read more]

  • I liked how you highlighted the fine line between telling the story and respecting the victims. It’s is tough to know when something is crossing the line. But one thing is for sure, the media shouldn’t glorify and try to make audiences sympathize with a killer.

  • I really enjoyed reading about gender dysphoria. It is interesting to learn that transgender people aren’t necessarily the only people that experience it.

  • I really enjoyed reading about this. I always wondered why some people enjoy scary situations but others don’t. At the end you talk about the creation of monsters and how they are created to frighten us but also kept at distance so that we know they are not real. But wouldn’t you say that most of the scary movies and situations today are made to…[Read more]

  • I loved reading how addiction affects oneself and others. I think you did a pretty good job explaining that. I would love to read more about the possible solutions to help with addiction. How is our community dealing with our addiction issue?

  • US Education System

        It is common to hear about the United States Education System. Whether it is positive attributes and programs or negative attributes, the education system is still a well conversed is

    • I agree with much your view regarding standardized testing in the sense that from a students perspective like myself, I struggle actually truly understanding the information. Memorizing information plays a key part in what actually causes a student to pass a standardized test. I also agreed with much of your understanding regarding the American educational system isnt just school work itself but a mixture of social and athletic events that students must juggle with their education. I think it would help prove your point about standardized testing doesn’t help a student learn but its just a time where students memorize information with some statistics .http://neatoday.org/2016/02/18/standardized-tests-not-developmentally-appropriate/

  •     It’s no secret that the many education reforms across the nation have led to a not so successful education system. Reforms such as No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top, and Common Core all measure succ

  • Thomas Jefferson reformal of higher education had a set goal to help boost disadvantage people in terms of education. Higher education is meant to benefit two parties: the students and government. Higher

    • I like how you talk about what higher education originally was considered and then now what the government is expecting of higher education. Great job!

    • Patricia,
      This is a super important topic as most of us are about to go off to college or an equivalent institution. Mainly I think the most important thing is the rising tuition costs and how it really can effect people from the impoverished to the upper-middle class. Also, the mention of how some institutions are run as a business with less focus on the education of the student is something that people don’t pay attention to especially in regards to the most prestigious schools.

    • Patricia,
      This is a very interesting post and I think it is even more relevant with the recent admissions scandal. I especially liked the way you talked about the economic benefits of college and cited data for that. You used a lot of good examples to get your points across like when you said that ” Harvard degrees are valuable because there is not a lot of them, therefore there is not incentive to make them cheaper.” Here is an article you may find interesting: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/13/us/college-admissions-race.html

    • Patricia, it’s cool to see that someone else choose college as a broader topic for their research! It is interesting to see the problems within a college after admissions, especially the part that discussed a colleges focus on research rather than their students. It is weird to see that while the United States wants there to be equity within colleges, they determined that quota systems are unconstitutional in the Grutter Decision. (https://www.oyez.org/cases/2002/02-241). I’m interested to see a more detailed dive into how the United State’s College system is failing its students. Best of luck!

  • I loved reading about this! It was very interesting and I felt like you did an amazing job explaining the topic. I am curious that the persecution of witches could also contribute to how women are mistreated in today’s society.

  • Is there any sort of scientific evidence that backs up the flat earth society’s theory?

  • Mental illness being a serious issue, how can we as a society address this topic? Is there a solution to help those in need especially with this sort of problem?

  • How America Is Breaking Public Education

    It is no secret that America’s education system is not the best. This can be clearly shown in our rankings in education subjects around the world. So, how exactly i

    • Hi Patricia! I completely agree with your post about a broken education system. We see children being left in the dust, usually those of low income households, while a certain group of kids excel. Education is so important for the future of the world, like you said, and needs to be of the utmost importance in our nation if we want to have a prosperous future. You made a couple of statements in your post about our nation’s ranking and pay level, which I totally agree with, but could probably be strengthened by some statistics. Numbers are always persuasive. It also might help you to compare the United States to other countries’ education systems and see what works there that we could use. Here is an article that might help you out with that. Overall, great job! https://degree.astate.edu/articles/k-12-education/us-compare-in-global-education.aspx

    • This is a great article interpretation Patricia. It is something I really didn’t know a whole lot about before, but this demonstrated a very clear, concise analysis of this problem, that was very easy to grasp. I completely agree with your take that schools should receive funding regardless of test scores, as that would allow teachers to focus on education, rather than just test prep. I hope you continue your research in this topic, and update us on your results!

    • Patricia,
      Education is one of the most important topics that you could write about because as you said our country is not performing as well as it should. While I think Judge does a better job than most other schools at trying to educate each and every kid, for those other schools steps need to be made in the right direction. I am eager to hear about individual solutions to change our schooling systems besides the normal pay increase and government mandated programs. One of the hardest things is getting schools to acknowledge that people learn at different rates and different ways. I think a change would take a cooperative effort and would like to hear more of the information on this topic.

  • I chose to do Othello act 1 scene 3 lines 208-218. The character I played was Desdemona. I learned that Desdemona speaks in a sincere and low tone. She speaks slowly making sure that every word she says is

  • Martin, you explained well your view on the question “Should schools limit speech.” But, to explain yourself further, can you first start out what school’s limiting speech would mean. I have an idea as to what that means, but to have a clearer view of what you are trying to say, explain the background information to that question. What does…[Read more]


    The shift in language refers to how many people today use emojis, the abbreviation of words, and likes/reactions, to communicate with others. Take for example sending a heart emoji after a significant other

  • Abel, I feel like you covered a lot of important information about education. It is true that students get better education than others. You made some valid points that education should be equal for all regardless of money status and power. Each child deserves the best education that matches their individual strengths and in turn helps them with…[Read more]

  • Angela, I enjoyed reading your take on the Law of Attraction. I had no idea such law existed. I liked how you explained it and then how you applied it to your own life. You, in a way, provided “evidence” that such law exists or is true in using your own life experience as an example. Overall it was very well written. I was wondering if you had…[Read more]

  • Hello Abigail,

    I really liked how informative your post was on vaccines. I am curious if you believe it is immoral to not vaccinate your child. Because if you don’t vaccinate your child, your risking their lives and the lives of others, so does that come down to a matter of morality?

  • My parents are immigrants in the United States so I decided to learn more about immigration in the U.S. and the issues that come with it. Immigration is a very disputable topic in the U.S.. Many Americans often

  • Yulisa,
    You presented a very informative essay on animal rights. I’m curious as to where you stand on the issue. Do you believe that animals should have the same rights as humans? In reading this, I think animals definitely should have certain rights, but ones that aren’t equivalent to humans. Each animal requires a variety of rights that best fit…[Read more]

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