• After reading articles about climate change, I think that I can situate most of the information found in my sources into two general categories: addressing the issue from a scientific perspective or from a

  • Eric,

    I think you do a really good job of providing an in-depth analysis of autonomous cars, and I agree, the safety benefits seem to hint that they are the future of transportation. You mention several of the statistical benefits of autonomous driving, but you also highlight the “anxiety factor.” In your opinion, what steps would have to be…[Read more]

  • Climate change has become a “hot topic” in the scientific and political community, but it remains a complicated subject that many do not explore fully before formulating an opinion. With news sources that inc

    • I liked your post, Paul. I agree that climate change is a big issue, but there isn’t enough data or research being conducted to portray the image of climate change. I also concur that there are immense amounts of simplification of such an intricate topic. Climate change may be a broad and complex issue, but to every problem, there is a cause, and most people point to greenhouse gases. I feel that humans aren’t doing enough to fix it. I like how you raised awareness about the issue. Keep it up.

  • Hi Tyler,

    I respect your choice to analyze such an in-depth and controversial topic and think you do an excellent job of evaluating both sides of the dilemma. I agree with you, that people should have the right to determine their own course of life and how to proceed in cases such as being faced with a terminal, often painful, illness. As…[Read more]

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    Hi Joseph,

    I am impressed by how thorough your argument is; it shows a significant amount of in-depth research and reading about the subject of Dark Matter. I think you are absolutely right that modern physics, which has only become significant in the relatively recent past (last 60 years) has revolutionized our approach to modern physics and…[Read more]

  • For years, we have expanded our technological advances within our own atmosphere and beyond it. Now, it is time to analyze the atmosphere itself. The accelerated rate of air pollution, rising sea levels and

  • We are constantly surrounded by contact. Thoughts, people, sounds, smells, and emotions all descend toward each other in the culmination of ideas and expressions that make up life. Sometimes, these connections

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