• One thing you said that stands out for me is ” the first word used was ” angry”, where 43% agreed that it described feminism, while 54% felt it did not define it at all,” i think this is interesting because many people think that feminists are angry and that’s not true, they are just passionate about their topic.
    Regards, Payton

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  • i am interested with your post because these are questions that i have thought about before. i have thought about where i will be in the future even though we cant see into the future we all still think about it. i liked how you brought up how you looked back 50 years and talked about how everything and everyone used to be, everything is going to…[Read more]

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    Dear Bertha,

    i am interested in you post because, i can connect with everything on here. i do not understand why girls have to be treated differently, girls should get the same respect that men do. we are put on this tightrope that if we do one thing wrong that we fall off and get shamed. this really touched me think that we can be more then what…[Read more]

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