• To begin, the novel Uglies by Scott Westerfeld connects to 2017 because now mostly everyone is doing surgery to become pretty and changing their appearance in different ways. In my book my protagonist tally was

    • Paulina,

      Thank you so much for your post and I really agree with your post. I always wonder why people spend so much money on being “beautiful” in society’s eyes. In many ways, I wish our society could let go of all things – make up, surgeries, hair highlighting that separates people and causes things to be put into two categories “pretty” or “ugly.” To strengthen your post and your credibility as a writer, remember to capitalize correctly and format your title correctly. Make sure you are reading over your work. Looking forward to future posts.

  •                                                                           Gangs in Oakland




    Why might someone join a gang? Is it for protection, to be cool or what? Could a gang be the only option to have

    • Dear Paulina:
      Your drawing reminds me of something that I made once. One time I was going t o visit my friend and looking in the sky I was looking for the way that the science and earth is. Hope you can tell me more of the ways gangs do to other people life.

    • Dear Paulina,
      In my opinion, every single individual, even gang members imagine a future that doesn’t include gangs. They get into crimes and criminal justice system without any institutional supports contribute to their lives. Lack of supports and attention at home, these teenagers seek to attain recognition for their activities, whether criminal or not. Some youth grow up in a neighborhood where gangs are almost a way of life, experiences since they were little.
      I’m very interested in the topic you have chosen. If you could tell me more about what are some other ways for teens to stay protected, when they can’t even secure their safety after joining gangs. I will look forward your reply and your other posts.
      Stay on your game and keep going forward for your dreams and education.
      San Ly

    • Dear Paulina,

      Your post about the reasons why people join gangs and the consequences that comes with it are very insightful. People can at times feel like they need to join a gang to stay safe. They feel that if they are not in a gang, nobody would be able to protect them if someone were to take advantage of them. This type of mentality seems to be common throughout the United States.

      Like you mentioned in your post, some people do not realize what they are getting themselves into when they join a gang. People tend to forget that gangs are responsible for a lot of violent crime. They expect you to also commit violent crimes when the times come.

      I also agree with you that we need to prevent kids from heading down that path. Teens need to have a safe place where they can stay at after school. Communities in Oakland need more teen centers. Without teen centers, teenagers will be out in the streets possibly hanging out with other teens that are of bad influence.


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