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    So now we can add comments to each other’s walls and the news feed shows the activity of all friends.

  • Checking back into Youth Voices after what I would consider to be a lengthy away time. Room 407 at Silver Creek High School will be making a turn back to YVL as we consider the Habits of Mind together and celebrate what each of brings into the classroom by way of these habits (and our recognition of them).

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    In a reflection at NowComment, Ciara shared how she is reflecting on how accessible the web is when attempting to work at home. Part of her management is reminding herself to stay on the tabs where the work is happening. I applaud Ciara in her efforts to manage that quick little jump to the next, possibly more entertaining tab!

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    Heather always asks the good question in Room 407 either for her own clarification or for that of the others in the room. This is appreciated greatly as we cannot really know what we don’t ask after, especially when the work becomes a little more complex. Thank you, Heather.

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