• Poverty in the world is an epidemic that, if you ask many economists, may never be solved. Around 9% of the world lives in poverty. Coming from a suburban neighborhood I have been shielded from poverty most of my

    • I think this is a definite problem in America that we should fix. Poverty can easily be eradicated, but people are unwilling to give the support that they should, as well as go out and seek the work that they should. However, I do not think that anyone will actually support these reforms, especially with our current administration. My question is this. What can we do as individuals to fix this?

  • Some argue Mark Twin’s Huck Finn is a racist novel, while others argue it portrays the reality of the time in the South. Where do I stand? I believe that it is depicting the reality of the times. We cannot block

  • Hard work matters to me. The thing I hate the most is freeloading. If you don’t work for what you earn why are you okay with earning it?

    This works in both ways. The wealthy of old money from their parents or

    • I really agree with you. People don’t spend time doing much stuff anymore. They just want to get their work done. They don’t care if it is sloppy or bad. They want to get the job done. I really think this is a good post. You should go more in depth with your writing and explain more.

    • Good points. I want to challenge you to try to prove your topic with some evidence to really be able to strengthen your argument. I think that this is an interesting topic but think of the fact that all people are not able to gain education to get jobs. Some are born very poor and do not have the opportunity to get jobs.

  • Chapter 17-19

    One thing I found interesting was that in chapter 18, Huck started to revere Colonel Grangerford. This stood out to me because it is one of the first male figures in his life that is distinguished

  • I am your secret writing pal!

  • Joseph & Tyler, I agree our national debt is a huge problem. However, in your piece you didn’t give a solution. So my question would be, how would YOU decrease our debt?

  • Dear Brandon, I agree with you and what your wrote. The minimum wage is fair considering the amount of work that is done. In my mind you’re rewarded for the work you do, not just given what you think you need.

  • Dear Mr/Mrs. President,

    Reduced Cost of Education –

    I recently read an article on youth voices that argued that the government should fund our education to the point that it’s free. I would have to refute this

    • Dear Patrick:
      I am astounded with your letter, “Free Education Simply Won’t Work” because yes i know our taxes would have to be risen for our education to be free, but i think we should try to find a different way to pay for free college.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Education (college) will never be free because people aren’t willing to pay higher taxes for it.” I think this is bold because some people might oppose this but if there was a benefit at the end of this I know people would do it.
      Another sentence that I stood out was: “he military is not nonessential, with terrorism at a high point right now, who will protect us if something were to go wrong?” This stood out for me because that made me realize how important having a military is, and that is why i agree with that statement.
      Your post reminds me of something that happened to me. One time there was a friend of mines we call him Diaz and he was always saying that if education is free then people will never appreciate it will take it for granted and throw it all away.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because this topic really hit me and i think it is important to start discussions like this to see people’s point of view and how other people react to certain people’s opinion.

    • Dear Patrick,
      I am so grateful that you have thought about the deeper meaning behind a ‘free education.’ I 100% agree with your statement and free education right now in today’s society will not work. But, a few decades from now, if we help our economy grow by creating more jobs and having people make more money, then we surely could have a chance of a free education system.

    • Patrick, Your completely right. This notion that if people are forced to pay something via taxes it makes it fee is insane. It is not free since these same people will later on end up paying more in taxes for someone else’s college. And the worst part about it is if their successful then they will be forced to pay for multiple people’s education. And people who didn’t go to college will still be forced to pay taxes for college. People need to be responsible for their own expenses and not demand other people pay for their stuff. And yes the military is essential to have a country because without it we are subject to terrorism, North Korea, you name it all the enemies of America need to be defeated and that can only be done through a superior military.

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