• Dear Ashleigh,
    I am Jihan responding to your ‘To leave or not to leave’ because I really enjoyed the read and have some of my own opinions as well. One thing that really stuck out to me was when you took what was inscribed on state of liberty and reworded it into something that relates to our current situation: “The American Dream now is ‘keep y…[Read more]

  • One concept that has been paved in American minds is the American Creed. The American Creed includes the ideas that lay the foundation for American culture, traditions, and beliefs. The main moniker we have been

    • Jihan,
      I really enjoyed how you talked about a difficult topic with the use of statistics instead of many different personal stories. While personal stories are always a great way to talk about a topic the use of statistics was a wonderful way to add detail and evidence to the Black Lives Matter movement. For next time try to remember to identify what the acronyms stand for.
      -Ashleigh Weiszbrod

  • Hi Baoyang! I really enjoyed reading this article because there were so many connections with this article to mine. My article also talked about the strive for freedom in America and why that leads to America becoming such a melting pot. I talked about cultural openness and more of a broader standpoint overall. I liked how your essay took on more…[Read more]

  • Hi Abhi! I really enjoyed really reading this article. From reading this post, it reminded me of what our country built its foundation on. Since you used mostly old documents I would also recommend looking at what not only our founding fathers looked on, but also the perspectives of other philosophers and their take on what Americans valued during…[Read more]

  • I believe in America. My friends and family believe in America. My entire school believes in America. But what do we believe in? What does it mean to be an American? Are there strict requirements to be an

  • This book seems like it’s definitely targeted for teens. Many teens in our current day and age are struggling much more with their mental health. It’s heartbreaking to see what kids in our society are doing to themselves and other. Death truly does affect other people and lead into a chain of grief and depression.

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