• Initially, the main question that I was interested in was what plays a bigger role in the formation of our personalities: nature or nurture. It was common sense to me that both nature and nurture played a huge

  • The main question that I would like to research is what plays a bigger role in the formation of our personalities: nature or nurture. Rather than being a problem or controversy, I chose this question because the

  • When a couple first has their child they see it as the light of their world. In the next few years, they see their child take their first steps, say their first words, attend their first day of school and then in

    • Jeana, I really enjoyed reading your post and this is a compelling topic for me, as I many times feel that I am subjected to helicopter parenting. I agree that this method of parenting can be done in both beneficial and harmful ways to the child. This has been a topic of interest recently as more and more college students arrive to college with an ineptitude for independent functioning. It interests me just how many different factors play into the reasoning behind being a “helicopter parent”. I found an interesting article that you might like to take a look at that shows the correlations between helicopter parenting and college binge drinking later in life: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2016/09/how-helicopter-parents-cause-binge-drinking/492722/ . You chose a very enticing topic and displayed credible, thorough research of your topic. Good job!

    • Hi Jeana! I really enjoyed reading about your topic, and although I haven’t really been subjected to helicopter parenting, I know many of my peers who have been. Having older siblings, it was easier for my parents to parent me, since they had past examples of faults and rights and wrongs of parenting. There willingness to let me try new things, come out of my shell, and experience the world as my own has really helped my emotional and psychological development since an early age. Although “helicopter parents” mean well, there are many bad outcomes tied to their actions. For more about the effects of helicopter parenting, you can check this link out: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/when-your-adult-child-breaks-your-heart/201701/the-effects-helicopter-parenting Great job!!

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    Dear Molly,
    This was such an interesting read! I have always been intrigued by the issue of abortion and the moral issues that it sparks. I really appreciated how you addressed several different perspectives such as religious, moral, health and governmental. By reading your essay I was able to see a diverse range of perspectives and form my own…[Read more]

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    Hi Onyu,
    Your argumentative essay was an interesting read. I like how you focused on both the advantages and disadvantages of technology. By stating the advantages and then following up with an explanation about how their disadvantages overrule them, I could see how technology may be much more detrimental than I previously thought. However to…[Read more]

  • The word CRISP is the only word that flows along the entire length of your mouth. Try sounding it out. It starts in the back of your mouth with a sharp kick, then moves along your tongue until it reaches your

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