• Love leads to Death

    Love can cause happiness and war

    Love at first sight is what happen with E & A

    Love is something that you can learn from

    Heartbreaks, happiness or not even find love yet

    E will ask

  • Dear erica,
    One sentence you wrote that stand out to me was ” This view makes me feel at peace, and it has ever since I was little and would hike the mountain with friends”. it stood out to me because I can see what you visualize and i would of liked if connected it to the people who have to see there neighborhood really in bad place and how that…[Read more]

  • Dear Joana,
    Its me Paola I was so impressed that you go to share something from yourself. I love all the detail things that you have and how you talk about dominant narrative and connecting it to the real world. When I was reading your statement I got so connected with you and i love how you talk about were you’re from and kept telling us about…[Read more]

  • Dear, Tevy

    The piece you wrote about becoming beautiful is so powerful and mostly because its like a message to all women’s and ppl that are teens. I found thi piece of story so interesting that i actually wanted to read more and like I’m into all that beauty i also question myself and i really enjoyed to read this because i got inspire by the…[Read more]

  • Artistic Statement

    Paola Hernandez


    Hey my name is Paola and thank you for thanking your time to read over this statement.Im from Life Academy high school i’m A freshman. This shadow box represents my

    • Paola,
      Your post is really inspiring, especially when you said, “that shows how much I’m proud to be who I am” because you are not afraid to be yourself and often times people are scared to be unique. Also, I think it’s important that you’re not letting stereotypes dictate who you are. I can relate to you in that I want to be successful and I want to prove everyone wrong by doing so. How are you going to become successful? How are you going to measure your success? I think it’s difficult to answer these questions but may be critical part in achieving what you want and knowing that they are right. I look forward to hearing back from you and continue on doing you. Wishing you the best, Andrea.

    • Paola,
      Your Shadow box looks so cool and very creative. I like the way that you involved your culture and what the signicafint.

    • Joana replied 4 weeks ago

      Your shadow box is very unique and interesting. I really like how you added the fence and the light to your box because they really stand out. I also appreciate you for sharing personal stuff about you and your family. I liked when u said that you don’t believe what other people say about you and you know that those statements aren’t true. Thank you for sharing your shadow box with us.

  • Dear, Calvin
    Im am a student from Life Academy, and I agree with that a lot of people have experienced racism and has affected many people. One sentence that stands out to me is: ” Another solution to getting rid of Racism is having everyone learn about other people and their culture too. Not assuming things that you don’t really know about p…[Read more]

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