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  • PaolaH
  • Dear Melody,

    I’m impressed about your post because I like how you write about the topic of “I believe that animal experimentation is the same thing as animal cruelty depending on how they treat the animals.” something that i liked about your post was when you said ” The reason that this is an important topic I chose to write about is that some…Read More

  • Dear Erika

    I am so surprised about you post “My views of Oakland” because it shows how you really know your community on oakland I like that you are writing about Oakland crime rates, and how gentrification may be a key factor in causing the community to decrease. Something i like about what you wrote on your post is when you said “ The commu…Read More

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    Dear, nakiah

    I’m amazed by your post because it really did make a lot of sense about Oakland that it has pros and cons but overall it’s a good city. Also i’m amazed because it shows how you put in a lot effect on explaining what happens in Oakland and how people view Oakland. One sentence that stand out to me was “Though there are some n…Read More

  • Dear Oscar

    I’m so amazed on what you wrote and capable on saying what your full name means to you. And i just like how you connect your name with your parents and soccer and what it means. Something that stood up to me was when you said “I was unique for having that name in every school I went to”. I can connect with you because i’ve never had…Read More

  • Dear Arely

    I really like your post “Reflecting on the Significance of My Name in 2018,” because it’s interesting how your name came and what it means to you. Something that stood out to me was when you said “ Having Arely as my name is a very loving relationship due to the fact that is unique but also negative because people not know how to prono…Read More

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