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    Sophie your post was interesting. It’s weird how you broke love down into more of a science. I myself see love as something with no explanation, we all feel love differently. You can’t explain what you feel but you know it’s there, and I personally disagree with your idea about how love is a choice. You don’t get to choose who you fall for and I…[Read more]

  • I was intrigued by the title. I read the Feminine Mystique some time ago and I remember it saying that for women to ever be payed as much as men people either have to be fired or men’s pay has to be lowered. I’ve also read stories about dystopian societies where for example ballerinas have to dance with weights so that the bad dancers would be as…[Read more]

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    Girl as a Latina I completely agree with this. I myself have heard these things growing up from my tia’s and grandma’s. We need to be able to break this control and not because we’re disobedient but because it’s not fair. The men in my life have never been held to these unattainable standards.

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