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What’s more important talent or hard work?

People who have talent without hard work are just more tragic in their failure. Maybe it’s not fair for me to think of my youngest son in this light, but when he reads a difficult novel and has brilliant insights, makes a painting, composes a poem, and write a piece of music, or when he sings in a choir and […]

December 2, 2020 September 9, 2022 journal
One thing I did in the past 24 hours that makes me feel good about myself. What this shows.

So yesterday I concentrated on creating a system on Youth Voices that would allow teachers and students to recognize each other for the skills they are showing in their work. Now anybody can go and create a “skill” for others. This reaches back to our early work with P2PU badges and brings the knowledge we’ve gained with issuing hundreds of […]

October 23, 2020 September 9, 2022 journal
What Do You Think Are the Secrets to Happiness? In a popular course at Yale University, students learn that the keys to happiness are sleep, gratitude and helping other people. Do you agree?

Sleep is important, yes, but I think it tends to go in circles: When I’m unhappy, I tend to sleep less and when I sleep less, I’m more unhappy. So it’s important to break this chain one way or the other. OH, and this leads me to MY basic, my lived, my real philosophy about happiness is that there is […]

May 5, 2021 September 9, 2022 journal
My Journal for Today

It was sad an exciting at the same time to see children posing outside of my building this morning on their first day of school. I remember those photos with my children. They were important moments of saying goodbye — but not goodbye, really, more it was a kind of taking a deep breath and saying “Go for it.” It […]

September 29, 2020 September 9, 2022 journal
Setting up a Group in NowComment

Over the past few days, I’ve been working on NowComment to organize materials around AAPI — Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. It has been exciting to share my tech tips with a growing community of teachers to show them how to get a document up on NowComment “properly.” And to reach out to people to see what they can […]

May 6, 2021 September 9, 2022 journal
One thing i did over the past 24 hours that makes me feel good about myself

Well I pulled together Brendaly’s portfolio I presented it at a conference workshop on Saturday. I’m pretty excited about the possibilities for this work, but there’s a gap between what we can do on Youth Voices and what teachers and what teachers and students want to, can, or are aware that they can do. It’s this gap that keeps me […]

May 10, 2021 September 9, 2022 journal
How Do You Connect to Your Heritage? Do you feel connected to your family and cultural roots? Or do you feel distant or cut off from them?

I feel like my heritage has been shifting ever since I left high school and the small town in Western Pennsylvania where I grew up. If I use my mother as an example of my family and my cultural roots, I would say that I feel more and more distant from her ideologies, biases, paranoia, and prejudice. When I think […]

May 19, 2021 September 9, 2022 journal
Something I did today that makes me feel good about myself

Let’s see — I’m happy that Marina and I worked hard to pivot from our original plans and over one weekend to build an entire playlist and room on Kumospace. These playlists usually take about a week to create, and both of us stood up (if I can use that phrase) at different times to get it done. I finished […]

July 26, 2021 September 9, 2022 journal
What Role Have Mentors Played in Your Life? What makes for good mentors? Do we need them now more than ever?

I just listened to a podcast of Latinos who are involved in the current NASA mission to Mars, Perseverance. What wonderful examples their stories are! But do they talk about specific mentors? Not so much, more about T.V. shows and open houses at NASA and seeing men walk on the moon AND unwavering support from family members. That has me thinking. […]

May 18, 2021 May 18, 2021 journal

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Testing flip books


Youth Voices Turns Twenty: Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

This paragraph summarizes my teaching for the past 35 years!

Finding Humor

Taking Responsible Risks

Responding with Wonderment and Awe

Creating, Imagining, Innovating

Gathering Data Through All Senses

Thinking and Communicating with Clarity and Precision

Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations

Questioning and Posing Problems

Striving for Accuracy

Thinking About Thinking (Metacognition)

Thinking Flexibly

Managing Impulsivity


Listening with Understanding and Empathy

Thinking Interdependently

Remaining Open to Continuous Learning

Testing this too…

Right. It might be interesting to imagine and recreate a conversation between Dee and her boyfriend in the car on the way to her mother and sister. How would Dee prepare Hakim for this visit?

Right. So Dee is connecting to these African tradition while disconnecting from her family and local traditions.

Funny, I get a different feeling from this sentence. I think it is saying that Dee ACTED like you can't say “no” to her, not that it never happened. So that means that she is confident and personally forceful, not that she is lucky. See what I mean?

Suggested Revision

Wait… the narrator, the mother, is saying that Maggie thinks her sister could do anything she wants to do in life — never accepting “no” from anybody. Do you see that?

Voting too? Go Joe.

Stay awake, Ted! This is about wht is happening in your state.

Immigration! He is hitting everything.

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