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Can AI become a trusted mentor for students who are writing their college admissions essays?

Losing Track of Time (Purple)

Losing Track of Time (Green)

Losing Track of Time (White)

Losing Track of Time (Tree Stump)

Losing Track of Time (Yellow)

Losing Track of Time (Red)

Losing Track of Time (Blue)

The Fable: Structures for an Argument

[2 of 4] First thoughts note about writing a profile

‘Listen to us.’ What These 12 Kids Want Adults to Know. (Opinion: America in Focus)

Plot Analysis

Tracking the Themes / Seguimiento de los Temas

Character Archetypes

Character Traits and Relationships

An example

Video Example

Testing flip books


Youth Voices Turns Twenty: Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

This paragraph summarizes my teaching for the past 35 years!

Finding Humor

Taking Responsible Risks

Responding with Wonderment and Awe

Creating, Imagining, Innovating

Gathering Data Through All Senses

Thinking and Communicating with Clarity and Precision

Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations

Questioning and Posing Problems

Striving for Accuracy

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