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Teacher in New York City

I work at building the Youth Voices/NowComment community.

My #wordoftheyear #wordfor2021 is:

Skillz are one place where we might develop our assessment capacities as a community of teachers and learners.

These are two of my most recent creative endeavors. I want these to be engaging and useful.

Stay Awhile
Book Lovers Annotate

This is an example of creating curriculum projects as templates that can be duplicated and remixed.




Recent Posts

The Solutions Story Tracker is an amazing resource. Try it out for “Responsible Consumption and Production” here:

Each study group is linked to an archive of posts for that SDG. See hundreds of posts in the category “Responsible Consumption and Production” here:

Seeing our own inquiries, or own wicked problems and burning questions with a global lens is powerful. Here's an example: See how Study Groups on NowComment help students upload images, texts, and videos into public collections named with their questions and connected to one of 17 United Nations Sustainability Goals.

Find the LRNG playlist”Spark Inquiry with Questions” here:

Find the “Study Groups: United Nations Sustainable Development Goals” on the NowComment homepage, or here:

Use the study group, “Responsible Consumption and Production” to see what's on these pages:

Notice that the “thief known as racism” is “robbing people of liberty” — a pretty big thing to lose!

A great place to start paying closer attention. Kevin introduces the workstations this conversation. Click inside of this box, then hit play on the video.

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