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Wait… the narrator, the mother, is saying that Maggie thinks her sister could do anything she wants to do in life — never accepting “no” from anybody. Do you see that?

Voting too? Go Joe.

Stay awake, Ted! This is about wht is happening in your state.

Immigration! He is hitting everything.

What's wrong with becoming confrontational, Joe?

“Let's pass it … ” is a long list. How do we get more support for this agenda?

An inspiring end!

Do your part… get together!

Again a reframing that is so clear and powerful: trickle down has never worked…

How could anybody oppose any of this?

Are there people ready for those jobs?

Fair, fiscally responsible, and effective economically.

This seems so obvious and moral.

I love this Pre-K to 13+ reframing!

It is transformative!

Connecting this education funding to preparing people for future jobs is such a brilliant answer to my questions about a lack of prepared workers.

Wonderful: arsenal for vaccines

His foreign policy history scares me.

Very funny… sure why not? (Hi Harry.)

Jobs… jobs… jobs… to address the climate emergency.

I love these examples of infrastructure patriotism. And yes… water is important.

Wow… to make logistics an achievement!

Cutting child poverty in half…

I feel such relief when I run (second day today) without a mask.

This record is worth being proud of!

Janet try the “add comment” button top, left corner. (HI)

On the move again!

Are there qualified workers in Pittsburgh?

This is what I was asking about workers in Pittsburgh.

History in the making… two women.

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