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  • Paige commented on the post, The Power of Song


    I loved when you said, “This comfort we feel through song is one of the many reasons why music is a truly powerful language.” If I can relate to the message of a song I’m listening to, it can help me to feel less alone in what I’m going through. Having songs that can help us through tough times is an awesome gift we are able to have. I…Read More

  • Paige wrote a new post

    Modern Day Christian Persecution

    Many people may think that Christian persecution is something that happened in the past, but it is still occurring today. Ways that Christians are being persecuted include: physical and verbal abuse, imprisonment, kidnappings, bribes, deportation, destruction of property, fines,...

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    • Paige,
      I like how you introduced this blog post with a strong sentence to get the readers attention. I agree with your point that many people are unaware of the persecution that is taking place towards Christians around the world. You use strong evidence and a variety of sources to support your claim. Additionally, your analysis of the quotes helps the reader understand your argument. I agree with your point that, “By teaching about and speaking out about the injustice that Christians all over the world are facing in many different ways, Christian persecution can hopefully one day actually become a thing of the past.” I believe that through proper education and sharing personal experiences, that we can abolish the persecution of Christians.

    • Hey Paige!
      I love this blog post! As a Catholic, it saddens me that I did not recognize this. I knew that Christians were persecuted in different countries, but it never occurred to me that Christians were being persecuted on different social media platforms, like TikTok. As someone who scrolls through TikTok, I am not surprised by your research that proves your claim. People can be so sensitive in the comments, and many people take even a 15 second video about their faith as an offense to their faith, or lack of one. This blog post really opened my eyes to see how others are still being abused because of their faith. Thank you for sharing this!

    • Paige,
      I really like how you approached this topic. As a Christian, I find this to be a very important topics that many need to be educated on. I liked that you were able to approach this topic in the sense that individuals don’t realize that Christian prosecution is still used in modern time. I liked that you addressed that speaking on Christian prosecution and religious beliefs can later lead to a decrease in this treatment.

    • Hello Paige,
      I like how you presented this web journal post with a solid sentence to urge the reader’s attention. I concur along with your point that numerous individuals are ignorant of the mistreatment that’s taking put towards Christians around the world. You employ solid prove and an assortment of sources to back your claim. Furthermore, your examination of the cites makes a difference the peruser get it your contention. I concur along with your point that, “By educating approximately and talking out almost the bad form that Christians all over the world are confronting in many different ways, Christian mistreatment can ideally one day really ended up a thing of the past.” I accept that through legitimate instruction and sharing individual encounters, that ready to nullify the abuse of Christians.
      Sincerely Rosa Zavala

    • Paige,
      I really like how you introduced your blog post with a very strong message. As a Christian myself I am happy to see someone speak up about this topic. It saddens me to hear and to realize that I did not even know the extent of Christian persecution. I did not know that TikTok censored Christian content. I think your post will defiantly bring awareness to what is going and hopefully will make others think about it.

    • I am impressed by your post, “Modern Day Christian Persecution” because it is impressive how you presented this web journal post with a solid sentence to urge the reader’s attention. I concur along with your point that numerous individuals are ignorant of the mistreatment that’s taking put towards Christians around the world. the sentence that really stands out to me is “By educating approximately and talking out almost the bad form that Christians all over the world are confronting in many different ways, Christian mistreatment can ideally one day really ended up a thing of the past.” I accept that through legitimate instruction and sharing individual encounters, that ready to nullify the abuse of Christians. this sentence really impressed me beauce many christians are being mistreated everyday around the world.

    • Paige,
      I really respect and appreciate your decision to write on such an attacked and frowned upon topic in our world today. Not only was the topic well chosen, but your word choice was as well. The evidence that you added was a strong addition to the point that you were trying to get across. I would really enjoy reading a longer and more elaborate version of this post in the future!

  • Lydia,

    I really like how your post discusses that we should not try to correct that fake news and give it more attention then it deserves. I also agree that if there is a lot of drama surrounding a topic, people will become confused and will not know what to believe about the subject. I also think that this will help people with more…Read More

  • Paige wrote a new post

    Overcoming Insecurity

    Being insecure about looks or identity can cause people to take their insecurities out on others by putting them down. Habits of people who are insecure include: criticizing others, never saying no, asking for reassurance, passive-aggressive communication, and excessive...

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    • Paige,
      Your post intrigued me because I believe most people our age struggle with insecurities and I think it is good to talk about our struggles as society usually wants us to keep them hidden. I really liked the line “reassurance in your life that can help you get past your insecurity” because to me this statement is true. Reassurance from others and having someone to tell about your feelings helps someone not bottle up their emotions and be overwhelmed by stress. This post reminds me of myself because sometimes I have a hard time talking about my emotions and this helped to remind me that I should. I really enjoyed your article and I hope to see more from you in the future.

    • Paige,
      I agree with your analysis of the impact of insecurity of people’s daily lives. I like how you mentioned specific examples of ways to overcome insecurity and anxiety. I really like how you said, “there are ways to overcome the insecurities and become more secure with yourself.” This quote provided the reader with an insight as to what the paper is going to discuss. I also think that the evidence that you used is necessary and adds to your argument. I like that you stressed the importance of changing your attitude when faced with insecurity and turning the situation into a positive one.

    • Paige,
      I really enjoyed the topic you choose to reflect on because I feel it is a current issue occurring in our generation today. I liked how you listed out the certain methods and resources on how to overcome your insecurities and how to be more confident as the person you are. I really enjoyed the part of how you mentioned that if individuals aren’t comfortable with talking to a mental health professional that they should consider joining a support group. Especially in our day today a lot of individuals around the certain age and similarities have insecurities, so I think them talking together would really help break the stigma.

    • Paige,
      I loved loved loved your post on insecurities in individuals’ daily lives. So many people in today’s world are filled with insecurities but believe they are alone in their feelings. Your acknowledgement of this idea, as well as your list of specific ways to overcome insecurities is very helpful for all individuals, but especially for the teens who will view your post. Thank you for making a relevant most for the youth in today’s world, and I cannot wait to see what else you write about!

    • Paige,
      I decided to read your post because I saw it was about insecurities and I feel like that is something we all struggle with daily, especially as teenagers. I love how you first described the effects of insecurities on our daily lives and then introduced many ways to counteract these effects. I feel like we have all projected our insecurities on others at some point in our lives, and this post is super helpful in being able to recognize when we do this and how to fix it. Thank you for addressing an issue we all face!

    • Paige,
      Your post interested me because insecurity is something that young women our age are faced with daily, and it is something that is not addressed enough. I enjoyed that you addressed solutions to insecurity in your post. One thing you said that stood out to me was that “family and friends can give you the reassurance you need in your life that can help you get past the insecurity.” This stood out to me because people often don’t reach out for help because of their insecurities. This is so important because it is a necessary step of the healing process. This post reminds me of times when I scroll through social media and compare myself to others. While I wouldn’t consider myself insecure, these moments of insecurity are difficult to get past, and it is important to be there for those who experience insecurity more often. This post was very enlightening and should be shared with those that are in need of help. I thoroughly enjoyed your post, and I look forward to your next post, as it will likely be a necessary topic relevant to the times.

    • Paige,

      I really loved this post. A lot of women struggle with insecurities and I think this is an amazing way to show them that they are not alone. I love how you said to balance your negative thoughts with positive ones. This takes practice and time. But if you really work on it, it does help a lot. I also love how you said to check and see if what you say about yourself is actually true. I think a lot of young women (including myself) go on social media and say “oh im not good enough” or “im not pretty” ect. I think that if you are happy with your body and image then that’s all that matters.

  • Dear Lydia,

    Something that stood out to me in your post was, “It’s better to embrace your illness than being ashamed of it, since it doesn’t identify your true self.” I agree with this statement because no one should ever be ashamed of any mental illness that they have. If anything they should feel proud of it because having to deal with it…Read More

  • Paige wrote a new post

    Shawn Mendes Saves 2020

    With this year being hard on everyone, Shawn Mendes came out with his documentary, In Wonder, just in time. The documentary was released on Netflix on November 23, 2020. It shows his story from the time he became famous...

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    • Dear Paige,
      I really liked how you mentioned the movie and how it really showed his story and development over the course of his career. During these difficult times no one can experience the true concert life, so I liked how he really wanted to emphasize it through his concert on Netflix. I really liked how you mentioned the fans were there waiting for him outside his apartment because his fans are the ones keeping him going right now and giving him so much support. Can’t wait to see what your next blog post will be about! Good job!

    • Paige,

      First of all, loved how you wrote this about Shawn.. his new album is literally amazing – but so is your writing! I totally agree with him “ saving 2020” especially during these hard times it is hard to find joy sometimes but his documentary allowed us to see even the most perfect people in pain sometimes which lets us relate to them during these tough times. I love how you included concrete ideas from the documentary that can help the reader learn more about Shawn on a deeper level because of what you said. I also love how your blog is not totally biased towards Shawn, but we can still see your love for him. Awesome writing and great person to write about!

    • Paige, I love how you chose to write about Shawn! I have been a fan of him since Magcon back in 2013. He’s someone very special to me and I absolutely love his music, one of his songs is actually playing as I’m writing this. His new album, that came out today, is amazing, and I definitely agree that he saved 2020 after it has been such a disappointment to so many. You’re writing is so good and I really like how you used information from the documentary. Great job!

  • I like the piece of evidence, “Every week there seems to be a new trend circulating around the media, which ultimately changes the syntax of a certain word and makes them adapted by modern society (Schroeder).” I can relate to this because I’ve noticed when talking to my parents that certain words that our generation uses now do not mean the same…Read More

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  • Paige wrote a new post

    Words and Their Impact on Others

    Language has the amount of power that people allow it to have. For many people what others say about them plays a bigger role in determining how much self-worth they have than the things that they think about themselves....

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    • Hi Paige,

      I really enjoyed how you said that many times individuals will receive hundreds of comments in their lifetime, but are most likely to remember the negative ones regardless of when they were told. I can relate to this and could think of multiple negative comments people told me years ago. I feel that many times people struggling will just say something to bring down another person, so that then they don’t feel alone. I found this post very meaningful and learned a lot! Good job!

    • Hi,
      I liked how you included the experiment done at Harvard. This shows that people truly do hold onto the negative comments thrown at them and because of this people can not see the positive comments as clear. I also like how you suggested a change in the power of language to use it more positively rather than negatively.

    • Hi Paige,
      I thought this blog post was very thoughtful and well written. I believe this is a very important to bring attention to as it affects many people everyday. I like how you emphasize the levity of negative words on someone, as opposed to positive words. One must hear positive words much more than negative before they start to believe it so being kind always is important because negative words may stick with someone much more. Words can hurt and I think this post is an important reminder about that fact.

    • Paige, I agree with your connection between individuals’ spoken words and the influence they have on others. I really like the quotes that you used because they add to your argument and give relevant information to the reader. I also agree with your specific example that individuals often focus on the negative comments they receive, rather than the positive comments. I think this really stresses the importance of positive feedback and shows the influence that this can have on others.

    • Hello Paige!

      I love how you chose this topic because I feel that this topic is not discussed nearly enough. When you said, “ Language has the amount of power that people allow it to have”, that hit so close to home. In middle school, I was bullied very badly. These years of pain were torture, but I learned the exact comment you made through this experience. The first couple years, I gave these bullies so much power to hurt me. However, the last year I was bullied, I gave them no power to hurt me, which made the year a whole lot easier. The bullying did not stop when I made this decision, but it made a dramatic difference in my day-to-day life. I loved the main ideas you presented, this was very well done! The only thing I wish you added was more of an introduction to your post, but the beginning still grabbed my attention! Wonderful job Paige!

    • Hi, I really like the information about the Harvard experiment you included in your post. I felt that it was necessary to your essay about words and their impact. I also agree with the information you provided about how language can bring someone down or up. I agree that the positive aspects are hard to focus on when something negative happens.

    • Hi Paige,

      your post was really meaningful, with great examples of how words impact people. I totally agree, with what you have said because words to do hurt some. It might be out of anger or the way someone feels deep inside and want to make themselves feel better by name-calling someone else. There are many times in the past, that people told me very unkind words and it made me rethink and ask myself, “Am I, such a bad person?” This post was very great for people to have understand what words can do to someone.

    • Dear Paige,

      I am intrigued by your post, “Words And Their Impact On Others” as it really explains the effect words have on an individual and the way they feel or view themselves. I agree that words have an effect just as actions do, someone speaking negatively of another person will cause that person to feel inferior and insecure. People don’t realize that if they were kinder or spoke nicely of others, there wouldn’t be so much anger or sadness in this world.

      One sentence in the article that stood out to me was, “Many people receive hundreds of compliments in their lifetime, but rather than focusing on those, many people focus on the one mean thing that someone said to them, even if it was said to them years ago.” It needs to be discussed that words indeed do matter and if one thinks it’s no big deal, it can have a drastic effect on the person the words were for regardless of how long it has been since the words were said.

      Thank you for this writing. I look forward to what your next writing is, because you bring up issues that need to be addressed more often. I would like you to continue writing about personal issues that are dealt with daily.


    • Hi Paige,

      I really liked the whole topic of how language can affect a persons mood negatively and positively. I really enjoyed the one part in which you add the test that they did at the Harvard Business school because it showed more thoroughly how language affects people. and its true when you said that when people her negative things they put more attention into the negative side than the positive side. this post helped me learn a lot and actually analyze and think how it also corresponds into my life. Thank you, and amazing work!

  • Lydia, I really like how you said, “Empathy heals conflict, so when you can’t identify with someone, then you most likely won’t show empathy towards them.” I agree with this because if you do have empathy for someone you are less likely to get mad or start a conflict with them and more likely to be kind and gentle with them. I also think that id…Read More

  • Paige wrote a new post

    Empathy for Social Media Influencers

    An example of a single story is the lives of social media influencers. They post many things about who they are online, but they do not show the world everything about their identities. They show their audience their talents,...

    Read More
    • Paige, I really like the way you incorporated your quotations in a balanced way. They are all relevant to your point and don’t overpower your own words.

    • Paige, I really liked that you provided examples of reasons why a single story could damage somebody’s reputation. I found the quote interesting that says negative online experiences have a greater impact than the positive online experiences do.

    • Paige, I really liked how you touched on how individuals can show one certain side on social media, but in reality be the total opposite. I liked how you said that leaving negative comments and responses on someone’s online post can lead to bad mental health issues, which I think is very common nowadays and shouldn’t be a way of taking your hatred out on someone.

    • Dear Paige,
      I am intrigued by your post because I agree with the idea that social media does not let one fully understand the person behind the screen. I agree it shows the surface of someone and does not let one see the real personality of the creator. One thing that stands out to me is your comment “making a negative comment on an influencer’s post will not allow the person who posts the comment to gain anything” because I think it is very true. When someone comments something negative on a post, it is a reflection of what the commentator feels, not the creator. I think this is intelligent to add as it shows some complexity to your post and makes the reader reflect on how it can be difficult to be a social media creator. Your post reminds me of how news media works. The news outlets always possess bias and try to paint their opponent in a bad light, which can have negative effects on that person. It can also have negative effects on the consumer as they will listen to the negative comments on the person rather than developing his or her own understanding. Thank you for writing, and I hope to read more from you in the future because your insight is very intelligent. You add complexity to a topic through your in-depth analysis which is very refreshing.

    • Paige, I liked how you said “by people being kind and trying to understand where they are coming from when they make a post, their audiences can grow in their empathy towards other people’s situations.” I agree that it is important to spread kindness and positivity to those who chose to share their lives publicly. I liked your point that the audience can grow in empathy and connect what they are experiencing to situations of the influencer and other people.

    • Paige, I liked how you mentioned that social media influencers are judged for who they may portray themselves online to be, rather than for who they truly. It is important to realize this happens everywhere; people are judged by their outside/ cover or who they let the world see them as, rather than for who they are on the inside.

    • Paige, I really enjoyed the insight into the mental health aspect of a social media influencer. It really opened my mind to the reality that these influencers are real people that have just as much feeling as you or me. I never thought about how much mine or someone else’s comments could make them feel. I tend to forget how fame doesn’t dispute the fact that their mental health is also effected by negative comments.

    • Paige,
      I really liked how you touched on the mental aspect of the affect of social media on influencers. When you stated “Making a negative comment on an influencer’s post will not allow the person who posts the comment to gain anything. If anything is gained, it would be bad mental health, including depression for the influencer receiving the comment,” it made me think. Many people post hate or mean comments on other people’s posts because they see it as funny or they say it as a joke, but they never think bout how it would affect them mentally if they were in their position. Given the audience of social media stars, many keep their emotions to themselves, out of fear of being judged. Today’s social media influencers are a lot more open with their audience, showing that their emotions are valid & important, which is important given the age of their audience.

    • Dear Paige:

      I am impressed/dazzled by your post, “Empathy for Social Media Influencers,” because of the way you put this ideas into words. I don’t know if you are a influencer, but this idea of being “portrayed online”, was very powerful.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “They post many things about who they are online, but they do not show the world everything about their identities.” I think this is a great statement because this is exactly how things are, People are so used to what the influencer usually does that when they do something new its a big surprise and everyone is so shocked.

      Another sentence that I enjoyed was: “Making a negative comment on an influencer’s post will not allow the person who posts the comment to gain anything. If anything is gained, it would be bad mental health”. This stood out for me because… You never know how your judgement could REALLY affect another person.

      I do agree with you that It’s a glimpse on a persons life.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because it’s honestly so true.

  • You did a really good job in your introduction describing how mental health problems can feel because I think a lot of people can connect with having felt that way. I also like how you tied empathy into it, showing that we do need empathy in our world to overcome the stigmatism on mental health.



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