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Growing Up

As a current highschooler, I’ve been trying to cope with the fact that adulthood is right the corner, and as great as people make it seem, most never explain the struggles of the transition. Before we continue, I had gotten the idea to write this from a poem on youth voices named Leaving the Nest. Moving on, I suppose the […]

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How has the Racism in Schools Changed Over Time?

A few weeks ago, I had previously made a post on current racism in schools. However, then I remembered a book I read called  A Mighty Long Way, about a girl named Carlotta Walls and how she attended a previously all-white high school, and all the challenges she’s faced. Honestly, racism has decreased significantly, but nevertheless, we shouldn’t have to […]

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So… this time my conversation is a little on the darker side, but it needs to be said. Suicide… and it’s necessity.   I was reading a book on various poems, but there was one that really caught my attention, and its topic was a suicidal kid. Basically, this kid attempted to kill himself by shooting himself in the heart. […]

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Is Field Working Really the Worst Form of Child Labor?

Recently I had read a book that literally changed my entire perspective on life. The book A Long Way Gone had taught me about the horrors of child soldiers.For those that don’t know, child soldiers self-explanatory, they are children mostly forced to fight in the For those that don’t know, “child soldiers” is self-explanatory, they are children mostly forced to […]

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Was Bullying Really That Bad in Middle School?

I don’t really know the real answer to this question, generally because I was the one to avoid conflict. However, the book “Stuck in the Middle” has really made me think, and review in my years of middle school, and then I started thinking. Students have gotten craftier, thanks to the Internet. Although bullying almost never occurred in school, all […]

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