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How Music Impacts My Life View Comment
  • @Pablo
  • March 11, 2020

Dear Juan: I am surprised with your post, "How Music Impacts My Life," because it goes so well in depth about the influence music can have on an individual. You present well how music can influence a child's personality as they grow and develop. Also, you did a good...

Dear Jordan, While I see where you're coming from, and yes, stereotypes can come off as offensive, I see your argument as quite underwhelming. Personally, I don’t think stereotypes should be taken to heart, I honestly think they're hilarious. However, a lot of much more serious cases of racism...

Dear Marcus, OH BOY do I know that feeling, just that roller coaster of emotions, longing to be surrounded by the people who truly care. I just want to say, keep smiling, don’t let anyone make you feel belittled, and keep looking, you’ll eventually find people who truly care. Although,...

Thanks, this is a very important issues that schools decide not to deal with, cause it's considered off-campus issues even though they do cyber bullying in school to with social media. So, in most cases, the victim is helpless, and feels like there is no one who cares about...

Dear Mary, I completely agree, both candidates have committed a multitude of scandals, and that has made this election an undesirable one. Sadly, a choice has to be made and I agree that we need to elect the one with the less noticeably ill intentions. Hopefully, people read this...

Dear Jeremy, I find it very difficult to comprehend the situation. The way the story follows just feels unreal. One Boy, barely making his transition into adulthood, was shot and killed FOR LISTENING TO MUSIC TOO LOUD!!! Jordan Davis had his whole life ahead of him, and it was all...

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