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    Owen commented on the post, Empathy with Covid-19

    I feel the exact same way. I really appreciate you giving ways that I can be empathetic and help others in such trying times.

  • I completely agree that scores are valued higher than actual learning. Students feel a lot of pressure to score well in classes and on exams. Many students study as a way to memorize material for an assessment, and not for actually learning it. Grades initially were about incentive for students to learn material, but it has gone to far greater…Read More

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    Owen commented on the post, A Hollow Promise

    I like how you look at how divided America has become. It has caused so much unnecessary turmoil in the past years and it absolutely has to change for America to move forward now and into the future.

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    America: Land of Differences

    What does it mean to be an American?  It can mean a lot of different things for a lot of different people.  That leads me into my first thought.  Individualism.  This is one of the biggest pieces of what...

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    • First off this is a very well written piece. Your sources do a good job supporting your argument and you are able to connect them back to your main point. I like the line “Through voicing our opinions and feelings toward problems we see in our community and country, and by using the power we have as American people to make a change.” This shows just how much we can change our own communities when we see something we think is wrong. However I do have some questions. Do you think that as Americans we generally try to come to an understanding with people different than us? How should people learn not to judge so quickly?

  • I agree that there is no specific time when you become an adult. It can be very different depending on where and how you grow up. Someone could be much more independent and capable than others at a certain age. It felt contradictory when you talked about the ages for voting and drinking needing to be higher, but age for punishment on crime…Read More



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America: Land of Differences

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