• We are currently only three races into this 2019 season and it has been quite exciting already. During the Australian Grand Prix the middle pack, which consisted of Daniel Ricciardo with Renault and Alexander

    • I love sports of all kinds as much as the next guy. I have never been very familiar with the Formula 1 racing world. I love your enthusiasm and obvious excitement for all these events. However, as someone who is not completely familiar with the finer intricacies of this sport, I believe this article could be even more fun if you explained why these events are so thrilling. If you gave a bit of background on the Formula 1 racing scene, who the drivers are, and what the stakes were at this particular event, I would be even more invested and entertained. Other than that, I found this article very fun and descriptive.

  • Williams Martini Racing is not a team that many reporters talk about in the racing world, and if they are then it is in the same order that they finish races, last. The drivers and the team have had a rough

  • Formula one racing is regulated by the Paris-based Fédération International de l’Automobile (FIA). The FIA is the group that creates all the rules that the drivers have to follow on the track and they also c

  • The article that I read was on Formula One racing. Formula One is the highest class of single person auto racing and has been around since its debut season in 1950. In Formula One the main goal of each racer is

  • Jackie,

    Your point of view is very unique and does shed some light on cyberbullying and bullying in general. However It lacks factual evidence as to how schools limiting students online speech would help to counteract this bullying epidemic we have. You do briefly touch on some sources that provide evidence but i think a deeper dive into those…[Read more]

  • Social Media has become a huge aspect of everyone’s daily life. It has become so big that getting your world and local news through Twitter is not uncommon. Traditional media companies are starting to move their p

  • Dawn I love the fact that you made a poem about a poem. I enjoyed the line, “a poem is like a shout in the dark
    you hope others can hear, but it’s mostly for yourself”, because every poem and writing has a meaning that is different to eveyone. The way you used such descriptive words all throughout was fantastic, and really gave us a sense to how a…[Read more]

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    What you had to say Dayana was really remarkable. I really felt all the emotion you were writing with when you were talking about your ex boyfriend. The topic of karma is one that is not talked about that often which is sad. The whole idea of doing good in the world and that good coming back to you is an idea that many people in the world today…[Read more]

  • Really interesting Jacob,

    I truly never realized how big of a role race plays in a death penalty sentencing. It was really interesting to learn about what it is like to be a person of color in Washington state. The fact that “In Washington a black man was 4.5 times more likely to be given the death penalty than a white man in the same situation”,…[Read more]

  • All throughout the United States, the legal age to drink alcohol is 21 years old. But it wasn’t always like that. Up until 1984, the drinking age was 18 years old. Many people today debate about whether or not

    • Ozzie, you article is very well informed and you present a contradiction of two different ideas well. Something that caught my attention was when you said “The reason teens get drunk is that from the beginning of time we have told them no and not to do it.” I think that since there is some truth to that, it is alarming that maybe our rules are encouraging rather than protecting against bad behavior. The article I attached is from the Atlantic and I think it agrees with your claim that rules just encourage bad behavior. You might be interested. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2016/09/how-helicopter-parents-cause-binge-drinking/492722/

    • I think you chose a really good topic. When you mentioned in the second paragraph that there is no way to entirely prevent it, I think that was a really good point because it is always going to happen, but there can be steps taken to make teens more responsible with it. Here is a link to a page that I think you might find interesting because of the topic you chose: https://pubs.niaaa.nih.gov/publications/arh26-1/5-14.htm

    • This is an interesting take on this controversial idea. It is an issue that many people interact with and have their own opinions about, and you combining your opinion with several other people’s, allowed me to see many different sides of the issue. https://www.healthyplace.com has some more interesting statistics around this particular issue, and might be interesting to you.

    • Ozzie, I found your input on your articles very intriguing. When you said, “While the number of deaths did decrease, it wasn’t solely because of the drinking age, it was a combination of seatbelt laws and tougher approaches to DUI’s,” I was very interested. Several people, in my personal experience, believe that the higher drinking age does affect the amount of crashes caused by drunk driving, however, it was interesting to see there were other reasons for the decrease in accidents. Furthermore, I found the articles you chose to support your statement were very informative. It was interesting to learn that binge drinking has become popular with young people because of the low drinking age. Several of my friends’ parents believe that social drinking is a skill young people need to learn and as a result of the lack of knowledge on the subject people binge drink. Here is a link to an article I found particularly interesting on the topic of binge drinking when out from under your parents’ roof. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2016/09/how-helicopter-parents-cause-binge-drinking/492722/ Do you think binge drinking is a result of the high legal drinking age, or because teens feel the need to be rebellious? I would love to hear more about this topic if you dig into more research on why kids binge drink and if the legal alcohol age is liked by the majority. Thanks for your input!

    • I liked how you provided context surrounding the issue of alcohol consumption and the legal age at which we are allowed to do so. The real world examples provided by the stories of specific individuals helped to support your claim about the changing of the legal age. I deeply agreed with your comparison of the legal driving age at sixteen and having to practice beforehand. I’d like to know more about your personal opinion on the matter, and maybe to include an opposing view as well in your discussion. Check out https://drinkingage.procon.org/ for more information on the opposite side!

    • Your writing was engaging and full of information. Thank you for sharing your opinions on the topic of teenage drinking. I liked when you said, “It makes a comparison of becoming 21 and being able to drink to turning 16 and being able to drive.” This is a great way to consider age-related behaviors and how people can be safe under the law. With both driving and drinking alcohol, it’s important to learn about the action before actually doing it. Your writing perfectly outlined this idea and made it easy to understand. However, I would love to hear more about why the drinking age should not be changed. It would even support your argument by contradicting your main point. Here’s some information on the cons of lowering the drinking age: https://drinkingage.procon.org/

      I look forward to hearing more about what you have to say on this topic, and reading more of your writing in general. Thanks Ozzie!

    • Ozzie,
      Your post was a very engaging read. You did a fantastic job at analyzing and presenting varying points of view. I think you raise a very important point when you discuss that education of the consequences of drinking alcohol would prevent more alcohol related accidents. In the United States, I think we have a distorted view of alcohol that promotes alcohol abuse. In most other countries with a lower drinking age, their drinking culture is often healthier and promotes a more responsible use of the product. I think that by educating teenagers about the consequences of alcohol consumption, we could create a culture that would respond more positively to a lower drinking age. Here is a link to an article that discusses possible reasons why we should lower the drinking age: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/6-reasons-drinking-age-lowered
      This was a very nice read. Great job!

    • This is a very well written reflection. I love this specific part, “Teenage drinking has always been a concern because the brain is still developing. Yet the drinking age being out of reach for teenagers hasn’t stopped them.” This is very true and has been proven with many other things in life. For example, making abortion legal doesn’t prevent women from getting abortions, and in most cases makes it more dangerous for them. This is similar to drinking age, which you touch on. Kids will find a way to get there hands on alcohol, and you point out that having a higher drinking age might even encourage them to do so through rebellion. I recommend looking over this article to further learn about the drinking age and its effects on children. https://www.verywellmind.com/the-lower-drinking-age-debate-63724

    • Ozzie,
      I am interested with your post “ The Risk we Run with Uneducated Teenagers” because I agree with your ideas that teenagers have always been drinking in high school, however when someone is told not to do something they will want to do it more which may be why people under 21 have been drinking in large amounts. I found it interesting that you included a parents point of view on drinking which is something that most teens may not think about. I found it interesting when you said “he states that when he was in high school and the legal drinking age was 18, kids were still doing it. It is more of parents take on teenage drinking and the Nationwide drinking age”. This was an eye opening sentence because it showed that it is a possibility that the rebellion of teens against the law may not be the only reason for teen drinking it could be from a number of other things. Another sentence that I found interesting was “ Binge drinking has become a popular style of consumption for teenagers, and it is believed to be the by-product of the government driving alcohol into the underground teen scene”. This stood out to me because it emphasized that the government trying to limit alcohol may be causing teens to drink in an unhealthy manner. Your post reminds and explains to me the stereotype of the binge drinking teenagers which we often see in movies, however previous to this I could never wrap my head around why someone would do this to themselves but this post has opened my eyes and explained that to me. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because it seems like you have ideas that may have been thought by many people, but not discussed. I am sure that these ideas will help me realize things that may have never crossed my mind. Drinking and Driving is also a topic strongly related to teen drinking to find out more about it check out my blog https://fightingdrunkdriving.wordpress.com.

  • I agree whole heartedly with your statements above. I really appreciate how you made a personal connection to the topic, it makes your argument more personal and easier to connect to. This statement, “As religious affiliation, ethnicity and gender shouldn’t play a part in how people are to be treated at all”, is something I believe most people a…[Read more]

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    I really like how you try to bring both sides to the conversation. The only question I ask is how will the new ruling on the new “Meme Ban” that the EU put into place have a toll on the the neutrality of the internet here in the U.S.? The fact that, “Companies such as Google and Facebook are heavily advocating to get Net Neutrality back in place,…[Read more]

  • I really liked what you wrote Anika, it really highlighted the inequality that plagues young females all over the country. It also really made me more aware of what is happening around me with this topic, I had no idea about the court case wanting to put a dress code on interns. It was enlightening and informative, yet well written and had a clear…[Read more]

  • Teenage years are some of the most important in a young adults life. It is also the time where they find what they are interested in and what they like. Young adults are given a sense of freedom during these

    • Ozzie,
      I really enjoyed reading this. I thought it was very interesting and I like that you prevented both an arguement for and against. I think that the drinking age should be lowered, because we are telling adults (18 year olds) that they aren’t able to make adult decisions until a certain age. They are able to enlist, but not able to sit down at a restaurant and order a glass of wine. I look forward to what you write next!

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