• Amanda, the protagonist in The Glass Menagerie, has a few traits that influence her relationships with others.

    One, she is selfish. Two, she is careless. Three, she is demanding.

    These traits influence h

  • Laura is a dynamic character. Her archetype changes over the course of the play. At the beginning of the play, she is the archetypal saint. This can be seen in scene 1, where the author writes that Laura was no

  • To begin with, writing has been something that has inspired me since I was a kid. I just like to express my feelings not with people but with my journal. When I was around 14-15, I always wanted to write b

  • I watched a play called “ West Side Story”, it was a really great play. It was about two different communities. One was a group of Black and White American. The other one was a group of Spanish guys who immigr

  • I recently read a play call, “The Glass Menagerie”, by Tennessee William. I relished and obsessed about this play. This play is something that makes people understand the meaning of being a family. It shows

  • I am absorbed by your Instagram video where you said that the current generation is badass. It is rare to see an adult stand up to defend what the youth in the past and today can actually do. As for me, I think t

    • I love the tittle that you give to this letter, and you’re right what would be the world without the youth. I love how passionate you are about Ms. Cortez work, she have been pretty amazing in her Instagram but its awesome how she encourage young people like you and me to do better.

  • Dear Housseynatou :
    I am obsessed with your letter, “Thank You for Giving Youth Courage to Fight Back!,” because it gives me the power and the courage to do more in my life. It helps realize that in life we can do much more, and to not be shy to say what you have to say. It is good to let your voice be heard. One sentence you wrote that sta…[Read more]

  • Dear Emely Lopez:
    I am fascinated about your short story, “Education Is The Key to The World,” because it shows us how we can use literary elements to describe a story. It is really impressive to show how identifyings those elements can help the readers to understand better what the stories are about. One line that stands out for me is, “Ea…[Read more]

  • Dear Kadidja :
    I am inspired by your story, “Sometimes virtual life has no difference between real life,” because the fact that you are explaining respect based on the three stories are super strong. I like how you are connecting your point of view of the stories to the world. It’s like respect is the key to any door. One line that stands out f…[Read more]

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    Dear Abooubakar:
    I am satisfied with your story, “ Life Lesson,” because it talked a lot about education and how people should know the meaning of education. I really like that you explain the importance of being educated and having an education. One sentence that stands out to me is, “ In the literature element of the theme, the three stori…[Read more]

  • One of the main reasons why, the three stories “ The Lesson”, “ How to date,” and “ Everyday Use” are an inspiration, is that they are teaching people lessons depending on how they will see it. “ The Lesson” by

    • Hey Oumy! I loved this article a lot! In the article it quotes, “The other girl was Dee, she apparently had anything that she ever wanted. She is going to school, and she likes money and other fancy things. I can say all she wants is to live in fancy world. Based on the difference between the sisters, the mother couldn’t use equality for them”. People who get anything they want do not succeed in life. They never felt failure, therefore they don’t know how to fix their mistakes. The ones who go through the most pain though, get tired of that feeling and tired of feeling like a nobody, so they work hard, 10 times harder than whoever is on top of them. When they are on this grind mode, they start to see people are not their competition and their only competition is themselves.

    • Oumy loving the title and love the whole article keep doing a great Job

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    Dear Jake
    I am grateful to your poem , “Martin Luther King,” because I see that it is a really important person and it is really good for people to keep thinking about him. I like the way you used repetition in the poem. But would like to know more background information about him and did he accomplished his fight.One stanza that stands out for…[Read more]

  • Dear Danieris
    I am delighted about your short story, “The hidden Struggle of my life,” because in life a child can not really express how they feel toward their family. They always want to hide it but some have the courage to do it so. Like your story, Maggie is so lonely but we can see that she is her personality is supporting her. I like the…[Read more]

  • Dear Leticia,
    I am curious about your short story “It’s How I Feel in Real Life”, because I would like to know how Maggie is seen her life through her sister. Your story is great and I like the way you are using imagery to describe things. One line that stands out for me is “ Moreover, I am a burn victim and since that day my mother starts…[Read more]

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    Dear Fatoumata,
    I am satisfied about your short story “ Sisterhood” because, it explains a lot about Dee’s feelings and how she is an understanding person. She did not want to change her personality for her sister. I think it’s a good idea to not follow other people’s point of view of your personality. One sentence you wrote that stands out for…[Read more]

  • From my perspective, Dee’s family are people who make fun of other people’s name. I love Dee, I want to be with her, I want her to be my mother of my kids. I remember one day when I went to visit her fam

    • Precious Oumy
      I am very impresionante with your story “Success isn’t Important but Attitudes is” because you really told what some families have and no one has the courage to tell them how they are supposed to treat outsiders. I think people should really say what’s bothering them in an environment, they choose whether they stay there or not. What did Hakim did I agree with him because he decided to choose his dignity not what just to pretend and get what he wants. “Sorry Dee but love and respect can only go together. A relationship can not be based on lies. This is the sentence that showed me Hakim is respectful person, it does not matter to him if he is losing what is most precious to him. “So make your way and I will make mine. Goodbye Dee! I wish you luck with your new life”. This is another paragraph that made me realize that some families may be hating a person just because of his or her antigenicity, religion or background. The most hypocritical part is after all this hatred they want something from that person again. “I did not know how I would deal with that lady once I married her daughter. As an educated person, I did not want to disrespect her. I keep my calm, enjoying the fancy lunch we were having. After all I was paying. All the conversation was about Dee and how her mother was giving me conditions in order to marry her daughter. All she wanted was my money, and how I am going to take care of her daughter. At one moment I realized that this family do not know the meaning of respect. First they were making fun of my name and now they want me to give them all I have”. Reading your story makes me understand, life is not just having money to whatever you wish in the world. Life is a process that everyone has to go through. Sometimes success is important because it can help people grow and and know what they are supposed to do in their lives. On the other hand so is attitudes because it helps people to focus their reality so everyone will respect them and admire them in a fair way. I am so pleased that I have learned a lot from your perspectives. I am looking forward to reading your stories and be able to write and speak about them. I appreciate you writing on Hakim’ s point of view.

    • Dear Oumi,

      I am astonished in the way that you narrate the story from the side of Maggie and Dee’s Mother. It shows the
      that the mother could not value Dee the same way since she let trust in neither of them. Dee’s Mother slightly shows deception of her daughter Dee in having left her because Dee wanted to have a different type of life than what her Mother and her sister have.

      One of the set of lines that stand out the most for me was when the Mother says ” Despite all, I did not stop loving Dee, but I can’t believe that they were just playing with me and my feeling, so I wanted them to know that money cannot buy happiness and if they want me back, they will have to earn my respect” . This makes me think of the perseverance of the mother in being strong with her daughter. She wants to demonstrate to the daughter the lack of disrespect that she showed to the daughter without even having informed to the mother the decisions that she was going to do with her in life.

      Your story reminds me of my father, yet it sort of contrasts the story in someways. It is because every time my father suffers eagerness with any of our actions at home, he constantly keeps telling the Day that either you or I get to leave from this house, you will miss me because things would not be the same between you and me . I can also die and you would never get to see me again just because of your disobedience.

      I like your poem because It reminds me of the most important thing that I have in this life, which is my family. Thank you. I look forward to read more of your stories.

      Best regards,
      Idelkys Checo

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