• My project was about drinking and driving, my teammate and I made two trifolds to present our work. Our actions began with us making an instagram account (@n0_drunk_driving_), soon after that we posted our drunk

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    Thank you so much for reading my blog Daniel. I had a few questions for you based on our comment. would you have an electric car or a car powered by gasoline? my second question is, how do you think electric cars help the environment?

      • Electric Cars, Are They Safe?

        Electric cars are evolving and most of them are self drivable, but there’s a question that many people might have. Are they safe? Many people think that Electric cars are safe and

        • Dear Oswaldo

          I was really interested in your post, “Electric Cars, Are they safe”, because on how you brought up the comparison to electric cars and gasoline powered cars, that gasoline powered cars are more likely to catch fire than an electric car. Also i agree that for the electric cars they are most likely to catch fire if the battery is damaged because it should have no reason to blow up if nothing has happened to it. One sentence that stands out to me was “it would take longer for a lithium ion battery to catch on fire than a car powered by gasoline which would burn and explode rapidly” i think that this is honestly true like i said because if you get into an accident with a gasoline powered car it can easily blow if it starts leaking gas but with an electric car if you get into an accident there is a slight chance it can catch fire that’s if the accident does not reach to the batteries. Thanks for your writing i look forward to seeing what you write next, because i agree with all you said towards electric cars yes they help for the environment but in some ways they dont from all the chemicals in the battery. So thank you for your post.


        • Dear Owaldo,
          I am impressed by your post, “Electric cars, are they safe?” because we need to be aware of things that may or may not harm the environment. And we need more information about the new technology, such as Electric cars, before we purchase them. But new technology is inevitable and we mustn’t be afraid.
          One sentence you wrote that stood out to me was a quote you found from the CNN article, “There have been some other high-profile fire problems involving lithium ion batteries in other uses – in cell phones, in laptops and even in Boeing (BA) passenger jets. But so far the fires involving electric vehicles have been caused by some kind of crash or other damage to the battery while driving.” I thought this was interesting because when I think about whether or not an electric car is safe, I wasn’t about if the car would catch on fire, I had never thought about that. I have thought about the self-driving electric cars and how those cars couldn’t account for other drivers, and I think that is unsafe. But I really enjoyed how you brought to light the actual features of the car and what could be dangerous about it.
          Another sentence that I thought was interesting was “The only issue with electric car batteries is disposing the battery because the batteries create an environmental hazard and spread more pollution in soil and water.” This stood out for me because again, I had never actually thought about the car parts and how they would impact the environment. I know that electric cars would help us use a lot of gas, but I did always think about how much electricity they actually use.
          Thank you for writing this piece. I look forward to seeing what you write next because of how you had informed me, through this post, about other aspects of electric cars that need to be considered when determining if they are safe. This piece was very well written and informative.


        This poem connects to Romeo and Juliet since love made Romeo and Juliet do many insane things like taking poison, gun fights,etc and how alcohol made my dad do insane things.

        There’s different kinds o

        • Oswaldo I think that this poem is very personal and rings very true to a lot of things that have happened in my life. I love that you made multiple comparison’s like to Romeo and Juliet and tied that into why something like this can become so bad. I found this article which I think really ties into your post and you might enjoy. Thank you again for sharing.

        • Dear Oswaldo,
          Your poem is a very personal story and I really appreciate you sharing it with our class. I like how you connected love to an addiction that will cause you to do crazy things. I could really see where you used the different literary devices! One thing you could work on is being more concise at times I felt as if you were telling the whole story. A suggestion is that you only take the key moments and use those in the poem. But overall, this is a very strong poem and keep up the good work!! – Marleni

        • Dear Oswaldo,
          I really appreciate the confidence you had to share this personal story to the class i know it must be hard for you to have your dad lost every day. This shows that you are strong by sharing this not only to our class but to the public as well. Thanks for sharing this with us hope we get more poems from you soon!

        • Dear oswaldo, your story inspiring. my dad also does drugs, so I know how you feel.but my dad is trying his best to stop smoking and drinking alcohol.

      • This shadow box represents my identities which are being a soccer player, a car enthusiast, and having a family business. These three identities have impacted me a lot in my life so far. I think that the identity

        • Dear Oswaldo,
          One part of your shadow box that stands out for me is the soccer field that you put in your box. I felt like how the field shows how you like to play sports and be active. This stood out to me because I also am a very active person and really like all types of sports. Also, the images of the car show that you enjoy cars and that they represent you. Thank you for your writing and creating this shadow box.

        • Dear Oswaldo
          One part of your shadow box that really stood out to me was the picture of your father. The picture of your father really shows that you love your family. I also agree with the family love, another thing that stood out for me was your soccer field that shows that you enjoy sports and especially soccer.Nice job on your shadow box !

        • Dear Oswaldo,

          I like your shadow box because you had a lot of stuff that you like and what has impacted you so far in your life and see that you really like cars. I also see that you have a soccer field and see that you like to play soccer and see that you have pictures of yourself and your dad. I enjoyed seeing your shadow box.

        • Dear Oswaldo,
          I like that you added photos of yourself and your dad because you care about family. You also added things that you like, especially the car and you like to play soccer because you made the field.

        • Dear Oswaldo,
          I really liked how the bottom of the box you made a soccer field and included the ball. The baby photo and the car photos also give a great image of your identity and what makes you, you. Ever since I was little I’ve played soccer. I played on competitive teams and for my middle and high school. My advice to you would be is if it is something you still love, play it in college too, because life is short and the support and friendships you have with teammates are hard to find elsewhere. I think it is great that you love cars and have and are apart of your family’s business. It is great that you already know what you love, because now you can make a career out of it. I know what it’s like to be judged off of looks and I can tell you that people will always hav assumptions, but it is up to you to define yourself. You choose your own path and you know who you are, what other people say, think, or do shouldn’t impact your style and your life. Embrace your differences and make the most out of this life!

          Best wishes,
          Allison Sanchez

      • Dear Mario,

        I think your box is really interesting because I can really relate to the things you talked about like living in oakland and having side shows around. I think this really represents yourself and what you identify as. there’s one thing you could have done better and that was your identity for mexico because people are going to ask why…[Read more]

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        • Dear, Oswaldo
          I like your box because it has things like pictures of your family and cars.I also like sport cars and they are very cool.Another thing that I like about your box is that you had a small soccer field and I like soccer.I liked everything about your box.