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    Is Boredom A Good Thing?

    People often use the phrase "Boredom is for boring people" but what if there is more to uncover. In the article "Let Children Get Bored Again" I have learned that being bored is something that we can not escape...

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    • Dear Osiris,
      I enjoyed your writing , “Is Boredom a Good Thing?,” because it provided me with a new way of thinking about my bored moments.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “A way to get used to boredom is by using our creativity and imagination. Instead of looking at boredom as a bad thing, we should use it as an advantage. ” I always looked at being bored as an uncomfortable waste of my time. Like I should be doing something productive instead of staring at the wall. But, this sentence made me realize that boredom has produced a lot of good memories. Especially when I was a child, I always did something to keep myself from being bored. Whether that be playing with my siblings or creating something. The point is boredom can bring the creative and fun side out of you.
      Alvaro Canales



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Is Boredom A Good Thing?

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