• I’ve faced a challenge that’s impacted my family. My dad was on a forklift at work unpacking the fruit crates, suddenly the forklift falls on his right knee. He received surgery and was told that he won’t be able

    • Dear Oscar,
      I really like your writing piece, because I can relate about “They do everything for us, they came to the U.S for us, for us to have a better life. Damn, I love my parents.”, because my parents came here for the same reason. I like how you wrote this piece and the vocabulary you used. I hope you keep writing, keep it up!

    • I like how you wrote about how you love your family and that’s something i could relate to.

    • Dear Oscar,
      I really enjoyed your comic because is shows how close you and your family are and how you guys help each other out especially when you dad was in the hospital. It is very similar with something that happened to me with my mom she was in the hospital and once she was out me and my family were closer than ever because we realized that things could have been worse. So i’m happy to see that everything is ok. I look forward to seeing what you write next because you seem to have very strong ideas so I look forward to seeing you post more.

    • Dear Oscar,
      This is a pretty cool comic with very good artwork put into it. I enjoyed it because it played into family dynamics and led to love despite what happened to your dad. I could relate to this in a few ways which makes it more interesting for me to look at. I had a situation with my uncle where he was injured, but at the end of the day our family was still together. Great artwork and keep up the good work.

  • Dear Luis,
    gym life, It’s very good to stay fit you’ll be getting a lot of compliments. All of that takes hard work and dedication first. I like the lines “Ignore the voices that tell me you are wasting your time” It must be hard to actually ignore them because one you do you pretty much gave up. Keep striving to become buff Luis.

  • Why I’m athletic as hell

    I wasn’t 3 years old yet

    My dad loved soccer

    He played it a lot back then

    He played it in his hometown


    It’s passed down in my family

    Damn, was he athletic as hel

    • Dear Oscar
      I like that you wrote about something you love to do. I also like the way you spaced your poem and the details you put into this. I also liked how you described how it felt to be in a soccer game it made me visualize that I was the one playin soccer lol. Good Job

    • Dear Oscar,
      I really liked reading your Memoir because it was very interesting. A part that I liked about your Memoir is “ I’d come from school and play it in my backyard”. I really like this part because you’re explaining that you love soccer and that was your first thing you would do when you got home. A good thing is that your dad taught you how to play soccer. Because that is what inspired you to be athletic. Thanks for writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because your Memoir was really interesting to read.


    • Dear Oscar I really like your story but just keep doing it.

  • Dear Michael Đao,
    I like how you have a last name that’s written very different aside from other students. I always heard the last name Nguyen, yet I never heard Đao until I met you. Very confusing picture, doesn’t connect to your story but, whatever floats your boat I guess. Very good description of your name!

  • I see my recent comment being on the trash, I don’t know how that happened at all, hopefully you didn’t delete it, thank you have a nice day!

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    Dear Vesna Sot ALMIGHTY BULL,
    I like how you have two different names. Each of them defines a whole different person. The nickname bull sounds tough and dangerous, yet you go on to say that you portray yourself as an introvert. Very cool, never knew your nickname was Vesna.

  • Five letters are put together

    Those five letter build up the name Oscar.

    That’s me, that’s the name my parents came up with and gave me at birth.

    I was unique for having that name in every school I went to.

    • Dear Oscar

      I’m so amazed on what you wrote and capable on saying what your full name means to you. And i just like how you connect your name with your parents and soccer and what it means. Something that stood up to me was when you said “I was unique for having that name in every school I went to”. I can connect with you because i’ve never had someone named like me and it makes it feel more unique and can be yourself. Another thing that i liked about your post was when you said “ Which was being shy, quiet, and cooperative, which is what I believe defines me.Being shy as a mole hiding in its hole was very unfortunate in my past years.I decided to make a change and be as loud as a horn.It worked, and I’m not as shy as before”. I liked this one because as your sister I can see that you’re not shy and you a good brother and you have overcome being shy now you have learn to make changes to be successful.I love your post and encourage you to post more because I would love to see what else you have to write

      Sincerely,Paola H

  • Dear Ed,

    I found you article very intriguing, this is because I never knew that you have to be 25 to rent a car. Yet, you can buy a car at any certain age. How is this possible? Being considered an adult at 18 isn’t really appropriate because some of those 18 year olds are out there partying being a teen. I’d say that a person should consider…[Read more]

  • Dear Pj,

    I myself hate memorizing stuff, I find it a waste of tine to memorize stuff that we won’t even have use for in the future. There’s the internet now so all we have to do in order to figure something out is to search it up. Memorizing isn’t everything, when trying to memorize people tend to give up, or not even memorize it at all. This is…[Read more]

  • Dear Olivia:

    I am very intrigued about your post,”Are professional athletes overpaid” because to me, it seems like you are hating on their jobs. They worked hard to make it to the top, and be who they are now. Like I said before, as long as you yourself are living good, then there shouldn’t be a problem. At times though, I do think they receive a…[Read more]

  • This has a strong statement about if athletes are overpaid or not

  • Hi sister! I really like how you put thought and effort into your article. Very good reliable sources especially because you interviewed a person

  • MAN, who cares. That’s how life works. As long as you make enough to maintain your family, you’re good.

  • very good article sir, can’t wait to see your next one!

  • Pretty cool, how you took time out of your day to interview Juan Lopez!

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