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    • Dear Orlando,
      I am really proud of you about the beat you made because not everyone has the talent you have when it comes to making beats.
      (video/painting/drawing/photograph/collage/work of art/music, called “RPG300,”
      Because most people would love to know how to make beats like you.
      One part of your song that stands out for me is
      Where you start changing the flow of the beats, instead of keeping it one way you tried something new and that’s really fun to do.
      I think this is important because if you really take it seriously you might achieve something out of it one day.
      Another part that I enjoyed is where you came in smoove when the beat volume was low and the way it came back up loud and smoove. This stood out for me
      Because I just learned something from you it might help me one day if I wanna make beats.
      Your beats reminds me of something that I made
      once. One time I tried to make beats on my iphone with an app called garageband but I failed.
      Thanks for your beats I look forward to seeing what
      you make next, because you really have a great talent.
      Best wishes with your art,
      (Idrissa Sylla )

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