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  • Dear Grace,
    First of all, I wanted to say that I like that you chose to write about this major problem in the US that many people dismiss and ignore. Also, I just wanted to add to this discussion that I’ve seen and heard many people talk about homeless and instead of feeling empathy for them and try to help them out, they say “they are just being…Read More

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    The next round - Boxing vs. Covid-19 (part 2)

    When will boxing return to the fighting business, and will there be consequences? This question is very hard to answer since gyms were closed down for a long period of time and boxers could not keep up with their daily...

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    • I think you bring up some very good points. Boxing is a very close quarters sport and would be very difficult to stop the spread of the virus if someone had it. The biggest problem with being a professional athlete right now is trying to stay healthy, and with boxing being gone for such a long time there is probably some pressure for its return. Do you have an estimate when you think it would return?

    • Hi Oriandy,
      First off I want to say I love this topic- it is unique, interesting, and raises some important questions. So you mention how boxing might be opening back up in Las Vegas and the boxers will be tested, will they also be kept in a bubble-like protective group as the NBA did? How many people usually participate in a boxing tournament, and is it popular enough to stream it for fans, so the athletes can feel important? You mention amateur boxers in your writing, and I am wondering what are you personally doing to stay fit and healthy during this Quarantine?

    • Trying to imagine big sporting events coming back into light is a very hard thing to do right now and something like boxing were there can’t be social distancing between athletes is even harder to imagine. I love how you found articles that go over the possibilities of this and the precautions if they ever were to come on again. I don’t know too much about boxing but I know its a well loved sport by many and hopefully soon it can go back to normal.

    • Hey Oriandy,
      I loved reading your article! In your post, you said, “Forbes mentioned that the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, is planning on opening its doors to the competitive world of boxing once again.” Do you think the idea of opening the doors is a good idea, especially if precautions to keeping the boxers and the people watching safe? How have you stayed active with gyms being closed?

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    Dear Juan,
    I completely agree with you. Music is a part of us that defines who we are and tells a small story about who we are. The type of music we listen to and how often we hear it, tells people something about us that we might never say for ourselves.

    I really enjoy listening to alternative and pop rock, and my family and friends think it…Read More

  • I really liked that you bring into consideration the existence of sharks in this post. I agree with you on how the media makes them seem evil, but in the end of the day, they are animals and killing seals is their instinct as they do so to survive, and killing humans isn’t as common as people would think. I also know that them going extinct would…Read More

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