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    hola Samil, me gusto mucho tu ensayo porque hablas sobre lo que pasa en el Bronx. Buena Pibe.

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    Hi Oscar,I really liked when you talk about your life and how passionate you look about it. I thought it was very good and I enjoyed seeing things like the dreams of your life and how you want to fight against the bad things that are being done in the United States so that life is fair to all. I am also impressed with how you talk about your…[Read more]

  • Hi Genesis, I love your story and I wish you had written more. However, in the end you did a good job because I wanted to read more. I was confused because you said at the beginning that you were Dominican and then told that story about the girl. But I like the connection;I am Honduran and I am outraged when I hear stories like this. My country is…[Read more]

  • Mi bro metiendo mano Honduras en la casa papà💙💙🏆

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        Hello my name is Oscar. I was born on January 20, 2000. My nationality is Honduran but I currently live in New York. Something important that characterizes me is that I always try to help the people who need

        • Hi Oscar. I like reading about you, you seem to be a really cool guy with a lot of great talents and attributes. I also particularly like your passion for graffiti, I think that if done well graffiti can be a really col thing to look at. You should read this article below about the pros and cons of graffiti on society, it really taught me a lot.
          Best of Luck

          Is Graffiti Art or Vandalism?

        • Hi Oscar,
          Your story is very interesting and like how you explain channeling emotions into your art. I also like your comment on why it shouldn’t be illegal and I think this is good but I feel like you should talk about other forms of art that are deemed not good to the world but evoke artistic ability and emotion. Such as rap and how its are form has changed to different forms and shown rebelling interest just like graffiti.

          The Evolution of Rap

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          I like you history my brother boludo

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