• This is a reflection on the writing process for my final Expository writing class paper.
    The process of researching for writing was an amazing learning experience to know many new methods of getting information

    • Very interesting reflection, Onyu. I really enjoyed this topic as I am currently in the process of writing a research paper. I am wondering how you chose this topic and what the data showed from corporal punishment in the United States. I particularly enjoyed how you gave insight on this topic through the mention of a “Korean movie that contains teachers giving corporal punishments to students in school.” I was saddened when I read this, and I hope this can be changed in the future. If you would like to continue your search of corporal punishment in Korea, you should take a look at this article: http://1stforeverything.com/2013/08/29/corporal-punishment-in-korean-schools/. I look forward to reading more from you on this topic in the future.

  • In my Expository Writing class, I have been researching about the topic of corporal punishment in schools and its influence on student’s behavior and academic performance. In order to find multiple sources that h

  • According to Merriam-Webster, Information technology is the technology involving the development, maintenance, and the use of computer systems, software and networks for the processing data. Information technology

    • Hi,

      I really enjoyed reading your piece! I recently wrote an argumentative essay on technology. However, I believe that technology is more beneficial than harmful to society. I agree there are some negative effects of technology, but that is only because of us; we aren’t utilizing technology in a correct manner. Some people use their phones when they are driving which can cause deaths, however these incidents should be blamed on the driver, not the phone.

    • Hi Onyu,
      Your argumentative essay was an interesting read. I like how you focused on both the advantages and disadvantages of technology. By stating the advantages and then following up with an explanation about how their disadvantages overrule them, I could see how technology may be much more detrimental than I previously thought. However to strengthen the logos part of your argument I think you could add some statistics, credentials, or facts rather than examples which add pathos. Overall good job, reading your essay gave me a new perspective on technology.
      Jeana Park

    • Hi Onyu,
      Great job on your essay! I agree that technology can be distracting and bad at times, but that is only because of how we choose to use certain types of technology. Smartphones, for example, provide us with an unlimited number of ways to communicate and interact with each other as well as providing great educational resources if we use them right. However, if we use them wrong, smartphones will be a tool of distraction, causing us to lose sleep and our connection with the real world. It all depends on how we use the technology given to us.


    • I found many points in this very interesting and true but the internet can also make people less lazy and more active. For example, just yesterday I looked at a new website I friend of mine showed me that has many different techniques for working out. And everyone that becomes lazy makes that choice to use the internet to watch Youtube videos instead of sleeping or doing homework. If you text and drive, you are choosing to put yourself at that risk of ending your life and others. If your copying and pasting articles for school projects, that’s on you and no one else. You are making the choice to cheat yourself. If you post your entire life on social media then that’s your choice and those terms are almost always in terms of agreement when you sign up or the app whether that is Snapchat or Instagram. There is almost always a choice and that is up to the user, no one else.

    • I really like the topic that you are writing about and how you highlight that technology can make people forget the importance of books in our lives.
      Great essay!

    • Onyu, I really liked your argument and it is a very important topic for everyone to be thinking about. Many people spend way to much time on technology and I think they forget about the harmful effects its over use. I really like how you structured you argument and it was a great piece overall.

  • There are approximately 170,000 words in English and meaning of each words can be different to everyone. The word “Independence” is very special to me. When I first came to America in 2012, I did not know any Eng

  • North Korea’s threatening with nuclear weapons has been a huge issue, but it seems like everyone does not know much about the issue. So I wanted to write about some details about North Korea’s nuclear weapons. The

    • Onyu,

      I found your post interesting in the way that it describes the assent of power that North Korea has accumulated. I often wonder to what extent does their power want to reach? I also wonder to which extent does North Korea plan to protect itself. I would say that North Korea’s goal is to do harm to the United States of America. Unfortunately this has been drilled into the heads of many civilians in North Korea. Speakers run throughout the city of Pyongyang and North Korean news is essentially audible all over big cities. Many of the news they report are descriptions of America as an evil country or the root of all evilness. I think one of the other questions to ask is where are they getting the money to fund their nuclear arsenal. Russia? China? Anyway here is a link to a documentary that is very formative and something that you may enjoy. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/secret-state-of-north-korea/


  • North Korea’s threatening with nuclear weapon has been a huge issue, but it seems like everyone does not know much about the issue. So I wanted write about some details about North Korea’s nuclear weapon. The Nor

  • for some reason my infographic is not showing up in the post, here is the link for the infographic https://magic.piktochart.com/output/22696584-north-koreas-nuclear-weapon

  • I made a Prezi for my media.

    Some of the videos in the Prezi might not work with school accounts.

    The link…..


  • If people were asked if they want another World War, their answer would most likely to be strongly disagreeing to having another World War. The World War I killed 16.5 million people and the World War II killed 56

    • i like the paragraphs you write about world war its true that in war a lot of people killed without any reason.i think you should more add about protecting your country

  • Abinaov, I really like the way you made this infographic to explain your topic. It is very well organized and easy to understand.

  • I really like the way you made infographic about Hunger. It is very well organized and easy to understand the topic.

  • Hi Tuan, I strongly agree with that you Mark Twain is using words and phrases that are very improper such as the “N” word. I think it is very interesting how Mark Twain decided to use the “N” word instead of replacing with other word that is not offensive to black people. It is very uncommon to see the “N” word in the book in the 20th century. I…[Read more]

  • Onyu Pak

    Mrs. Reed

    American Literature

    11 May 2017


    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: Race & Racism


                    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain contains many examples of racism.Th

    • Tuan replied 3 years ago

      Onyu, I totally agree with you on the idea that this book relates directly to racism. I strongly believe that twain expressed the use of the n word as much as he did because he wanted to show the reality of what happened in the past. Good job with your analysis and keep up the good work!

  • I strongly agree with your point that water is very important in our daily lives. I also think that water pollution is an issue that we all should care about. If we don’t care about water pollution, there will be no other similar liquid to replace water.

  • An Issue that I care most about is the North Korea. Recently, North Korea have been threatening other countries with dangerous nuclear weapon, ICBM, which can possibly go across a continent. I strongly believe

  • Thomas, I agree with your analysis for your quote that speaking style is very different. Also, Jim who is uneducated have very different dialect.

  • I definitely agree with your analysis. Huck Finn’s relationship between his father wasn’t very good. You have chose very good quote, which gives good details about Pap, Huck’s father, characteristics.

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