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The multiple sides of the LDS Church.

I wanted to write about something that affected me from a very young age. While this research topic has many chances to get biased, I will choose to speak about only the things that I have looked into extensively. I will also take into consideration my personal experiences, because I know those are still valid and can be seen with […]

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How To Build A Perfect Refugee Camp

The way that refugee camps are run is a problem because these are innocent suffering people looking for a place to stay, but that is very difficult to find. In some places, specifically America, most refugees are just locked up until the point where they are sent back to where they originate from. While they are staying at the “camps” […]

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Which type of fishing is the least harmful to the environment?

In the first discussion post, I talked about the death rates of sharks, and how that is dangerous for the natural world. Reckless fishing is one of the bigger factors that wipes out shark populations, and the type of fishing that is used is important in order to restore sharks in the wild. Fishing is something that has been around […]

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Why Do We Need To Save The Sharks?

It is evident that the worlds shark population is rapidly decreasing, which supposedly causes negative effects on the overall health of the ocean. There are many demands that must be met in order to restore the shark population in the wild. But the biggest question is why do we need to save them? Aren’t they just the bullies of the […]

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