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    How To Build A Perfect Refugee Camp

    The way that refugee camps are run is a problem because these are innocent suffering people looking for a place to stay, but that is very difficult to find. In some places, specifically America, most refugees are just locked...

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    Which type of fishing is the least harmful to the environment?

    In the first discussion post, I talked about the death rates of sharks, and how that is dangerous for the natural world. Reckless fishing is one of the bigger factors that wipes out shark populations, and the type of...

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    • I think that this is a really interesting topic to think about. I did not really realize that types of fishing affect the environment. Because of this post, I did a little research and found an interesting document that you should check out. Not just bottom trawling that you talked about but the article introduces more types of fishing that affect the environment and also how it affects the environment. Furthermore, it introduces some solutions that sound effect.

      Environmental Consequences of Fishing Practices

  • Olivia wrote a new post

    Why Do We Need To Save The Sharks?

    It is evident that the worlds shark population is rapidly decreasing, which supposedly causes negative effects on the overall health of the ocean. There are many demands that must be met in order to restore the shark population in...

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    • I really liked that you bring into consideration the existence of sharks in this post. I agree with you on how the media makes them seem evil, but in the end of the day, they are animals and killing seals is their instinct as they do so to survive, and killing humans isn’t as common as people would think. I also know that them going extinct would only affect the ocean food chain and the oceans overall.

    • I believe that we need to save our lives first, then try to help animals. Because there are people are getting killed everyday and no one is saying anything. What’s crazy is that when people found out about a turtle being trapped in a plastic bag they all started talking about it and sharing it all over social media. I’m not saying that’s wrong but don,t you think we all should do the same and more for those innocent people getting killed in front of their families in Palestine, Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan, china, and all the other countries. for no reason.

    • Olivia, you really touch on many preconceived notions many still have over sharks. People seem to forget that sharks are very important in the balance of the sea. Like you said, sharks don’t kill humans as much as people like to believe, and that’s because they’re more afraid of us then us afraid of them. I hope this will serve as an important catalyst in the change of view of how our humankind views sharks.


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