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Teens face a gender pay gap, too. Here’s how to help them navigate it.

Teen jobs do offer plenty of opportunities and experiences to build a person’s skills for future work. But, they also open an opportunity for encountering troubling assumptions and unequal workplace cultures. Not only is there unfair treatment, but there are also the gender and age pay gaps that play a part in teen jobs. For example, in the article the […]

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Workplace bullying: the case of teen workers

When it comes to accepting a teen job position, that adolescent is taking a known risk of joining a toxic work environment. Teen bullying is definitely a real thing in schools, which is a known issue. But when it comes to work bullying, it is a little less commonly known. About one in ten employees is bullied at work, this […]

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Pros and Cons of a Teen Job

There are definitely positives and negatives when it comes to having a teen job. But when it comes down to it, what really matters is the specific situation at hand. Having a teen job can definitely help a person to prosper as it teaches some of the most important life lessons very early on. These can be maintaining a social […]

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Teen Employment has Many Benefits

This article speaks on the fact that having a teen job is definitely beneficial to teen growth and confidence in growing up. Teens that have a job are much less likely to drop out of school and are more likely to have the drive to get good grades. Teen jobs teach a person how to stay confident and driven throughout […]

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Big Friendships Book Review

I am big on friendships, so when I saw the book, Big Friendship How We Keep Each Other Close, by Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman on the bookstore shelves, it seemed only fitting to buy it. I love this book, it’s awesome. I am about a quarter through and it has already helped me to dive deep into some of […]

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What are people’s perceptions of Trader Joe’s workers?

There are many reasons for why the outside world believes crew members at Trader Joe’s are so “nice.” One of the biggest reasons being the hiring process. Trader Joe’s chooses to hire a crew of a similar personality type. The type B personality type is definitely similar to those of TJ’s workers. This article goes into the four personality types […]

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