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  • I like this article a lot! I got a job last year through a family connection which was helpful, and something listed in the article you read. I agree that having a job is very important. It has taught me so much about life. It is also good to contemplate a job before attending. All of this information is very valid at this age and time of life!

  • I like that you are bringing awareness to this fact. I feel like people take for granted the times that others say to not text and drive, as it is almost routine to hear. An accident due to texting and driving is one of the easiest things to avoid when it comes to driving. People are addicted to their phones, and it shows how many people are hurt…Read More

  • Olivia commented on the post, Was it worth it?

    Your writing brought out a lot of different emotions. It was extremely well written, so I was definitely drawn in. The title was awesome because it was the article that stood out to me as I wanted to know the answer, was it worth it? I definitely think that a lot of harm was being done, definitely more than good. This was a great piece to read!

  • Olivia commented on the post, This is my body

    I love the way you started the poem. It drew me in right off the bat. There was something about the power of the wording that you used that drew my eye to your writing. The poem tells me a lot about who you are as well as who you want to be. I am interested to know the places that you will go to in the future, and what you will do to be the change…Read More

  • This story about Brandy Levy not making the varsity cheer team and it ending in a lawsuit really drew me in. I would like to hear the situation in-depth and better explained. I would definitely be interested if I could relate in any way to the story. What were Levy’s motives and why did she feel it necessary to post about this in a bad way on…Read More

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