• Dear Ashleigh,
    I found your paper very interesting. It is crazy to think that even now things like back in the holocaust are happening now without anyone noticing. I can’t believe things have gotten this bad and we are letting it go! I agree with you that things are being handled very, very poorly. These people are trying to escape bad conditions…[Read more]

  • Hello Mikeala,
    I really agree with you argument. Americans really do seem to value money over anything else. Money is the center of a lot of controversy in the United States. I think it is ridiculous that amazon didn’t have to pay any taxes after making 11.2 billion dollars! It is so unfair that some people work so hard and don’t make much money…[Read more]

  • Although America is looked at as a melting pot and an accepting nation we have always kept it in the back of our minds that this isn’t exactly true. Americans truly are not as accepting as others think. People

    • Olivia, I really enjoyed reading your post. It shows how educated you are about this topic. Right away, I liked your first sentence, how America being an accepting place isn’t exactly true. I believe that people look at people with mental illness as a threat, like you cannot trust them. They do not understand what is going on in their head so think they are completely different from people without mental illness. Some even look at people with mental disabilities different. say, someone with downs syndrome or someone with autism. They act a little bit different than others, so we judge them. If people would take the time to learn about these illnesses and disabilities, maybe we wouldn’t be so judgemental to them. Also, mental illness is becoming more common these days, “New research, from our laboratory and from others around the world, however, suggest mental illnesses are so common almost everyone will develop at least one diagnosable disorder at some point in their life” (Reuben). This scares me a little but maybe that means America will become more accepting?

    • Olivia,
      I really like when you said “Americans look at people with mental illness as less because they have to take medications to be ‘normal'”. I liked this because having to take medications to seem normal hits close to home for me. I know what it is like be belittled by those around me for my mental illness. While my illness is not as severe as the Jokers, people can become scared or very standoff-ish when they find out. Thank you for writing about this because a lot of people glaze over this topic because of its controversial tendencies.

  • Dear Evelyn,

    Cancer has always been an important topic for me due to my cousin passing from cancer about two years ago. I have never heard of this book before but I think I might have to look into it. I really love how you talk about staying strong and not giving up. This was always really important to my cousin during his treatment. He always…[Read more]

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