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    I liked how you brought real world problems into your poem. It really made a deeper understanding of the struggles in the situation. You talked about the weather changing and all of the destruction that is happening which can make people think deeper into the poems theme.

    you’re welcome Georgina or Curious George! 🙂

  • Your poem was very deep going into so much detail about your life. I liked how it showed the good and bad that can happen in a persons life story. Parts such as when you were cut by a thorn were very engaging because of how you include the smallest thing yet it can have a big effect.

  • I am passionate about them

    I love the  way they



    It started with cars

    Then to trucks

    Finally to supercars

    I memorize them quickly

    Quicker than anything else

    From the Jesko to

  • I remember somethingsBut I don’t remember othersI remember my great grandmotherSeeing her every year as a young kid.I don’t remember my school life as a young kid thoughI remember when my old babysitter was lat

  • If I said I was from a New York boroughwhere there’s light in the day and night,would you know where I’m from?It’s best at night when the sky is dark but the city is still shining bright.Where I’m from, I

    • Hey, Oliver. I stumbled across your post and was compelled to read it by the title. I really like what you wrote and if your title was set in place seriously, I encourage you to keep working until you are more confident in your work. I would love to hear more about where you are from in the future!

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