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  • Dear Andrea,
    I am fascinated about your post “Government knows to much” because you are revealing something that is true about our government these days. They are threatening people that come from other places because of where they come from, while they need to be protected and not threatened. And they should be given the same liberty and privacy…Read More

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    Olga commented on the post, Isolated America

    Dear Cicely,
    I am impressed about your post “Isolated America” because you compared America with the society of Oceania in 1984. And I totally agree with you about the similar things that it’s happening in our society because since we got a new president he is trying to make “America better again” by excluding others that come from another place.…Read More

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    George Orwell uses Paradox to tell his readers that in the society that Winston lives in their is a corrupt government that makes things be seen as perfect while it contradicts itself. The Party and Big Brother


    George Orwell uses Paradox to tell his readers that in the society that Winston lives in their is a corrupt government that makes things be seen as perfect while it contradicts itself. The Party and Big Brother just tries...

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    • Dear Olga,
      I’m surprised about your post, about the book 1884 because this is a really good book and you make an interesting post and in that way more people can get interested about the book.
      One sentence you wrote that grabbed my attention is, “The Party and the Big Brother keep control of it’s own people with lies”, I think this is a nice quote because the world that is depicted in the book is very different than our world right now. And probably today we can see the government always telling lies.
      Another sentence that grabbed my attention is, “Winston can change and destroy the Ministries”, this line is important because according to you what power does Winston possess or owns to destroy the Party. How can he change it if he is always being watch? but the hope and the intelligence will help him.

      Thanks for your writing I look forward to see what you write next.

    • Olga, I really liked your post about 1984, and as a student who just finished this novel I think you highlighted some very good points. Your concluding setence was wonderful and I think it summed up your article very well. I alos think it makes a great point, there are always going to be corrupt governments, and I think that sadly to a large extent every government is corrupt in some way. I think you also brought up great examples of manipulation and propaganda that allow for the government to remain in control, which is a very large theme throughout 1984. Here is an article that I think you may find interesting:

    • Olga,

      I really enjoyed reading your post, especially since I have already read 1984. I found your post interesting because it shed new light on the book and help me see a new perspective on the book. I found it intriguing when you said the “message that Orwell is trying to illustrate here is that in order to destroy someone in power to not keep everyone in control everyone who knows the truth has to work together to get others see the truth.” This portrays the contradiction that you are speaking of. I look forward to reading your writing on 1984 in the future because it allows me to see a new perspective.

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    Olga commented on the post, My Shadow Box

    Dear Victor Corral,
    Your story about your shadowbox is really interesting from my perspective because you talked about how your ethnicity or identity effects you from the stereotypes that people assume. But at the same time I really liked your explanation behind your shadowbox of how it connects to your childhood and your favorite sports and…Read More

  • Dear Yureida Gastelum,
    I really like how you did your shadowbox because you included interesting things about your culture or country that is Mexico. But also of how you decorated it it looks really nice especially the Flowers and La Virgen De Guadalupe because that is the first things that caught my attention. And I agree with you that people…Read More

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