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Raising Awareness -A.K

It is a stereotype that Tongans are “big”. It hurts but there are some truth behind it. The obesity rates among Tongan people will only increase because of the cultural eating habits . They encourage eating fatty foods, whether in Tonga or here in America. In order to alleviate this problem, there must be a twofold solution. First, hold healthy eating […]

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Articles On The Risk Of Obesity In The Tongan Community -A.K

Some articles on  the issue of obesity in the Tongan Community: “Obesity Risk Factors.” Mayo Clinic. Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, 10 June 2015. Web. 17 May 2017. Aacap. Obesity In Children And Teens. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Apr. 2017. Fotu, K. F., L. Millar, H. Mavoa, P. Kremer, M. Moodie, W. Snowdon, J. Utter, P. Vivili, J. […]

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Presenting For 30 Seconds -A.K

The topic of my 30 second hook was about the risk of obesity in the Tongan Community. I was trying to present the issue with obesity being a struggle for the Tongan people. I probably recorded myself for about 5 times because I had it in  my head that it has to be perfect and that you can’t mess up, […]

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Maintaining Eye Contact & Body Language -A.K

Print this page. Author Agnes

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Questions & Issues -A.K

These are my questions on the social inequity issue topic that I chose to research: What are the foods Tongan people eat? What can we do to help and educate the obesity rates in the Tongan Community? What can be done to decrease rates of obesity in the Tongan Community? What are the main issues to becoming obese? Are the […]

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Tone & Inflection -A.K

The names of the 3 videos I have watched and listened are called Anthony Hopkins Reads “The Lovesong Of J.Alfred Prufrock”, James Baldwin reads from “Another Country”, and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Reading From Her Memoir. My 3 audio recordings: For my 3rd recording, I´ve chosen the poem ¨Still I Rise¨ by Maya Angelou. What I feel about my first 2 recordings were that it was […]

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Tips on Public Speaking

I watched two videos on on public speaking and presenting: “TED’s secret to great public speaking”  and“Good and Bad Examples of Presentation”.From watching, In “TED’s secret to great public speaking,” Anderson wanted his viewers to know how great public speaking works and how it connects to the audience. Anderson tells his audience of how an idea that is being presented can change a person’s […]

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My Routines

Daily Routines: I wake up at 7 am in the morning. I get up out of bed and go to the bathroom. *I go and brush my teeth and/or take a shower. I get ready for school. I brush/do my hair. *I grab a water bottle from the kitchen and head out the door. I drive to school around 8. […]

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Going in on Revolution

My thoughts on this video and song were how much of the lyrics were actually true. How the composer has written the song in a way to make you think about it and go into depth. The lyrics speak for themselves, meaning like the words this person choses and the way it is put into a song lyric can mean […]

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Hands Up, Don’t Shoot

My Observations: 1st Image- What I noticed once when I saw this image was how it was color coded to black and white. How the words were bolded in black. I think mostly to show and have others see these bolded words and take it with them. The phrase written on this poster is powerful. I heard this phrase being said mostly […]

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Not your Mascot

My Observations: Well first off, I instantly noticed how the words were color coded (red and black). The words were what this person who is holding the poster feels. I feel like she is trying to say that her and her people are not mascots, but are human beings just like the rest of us. I think she wants to […]

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Women’s March on Washington

What I noticed about the image of the Women’s March on Washington was the color. I noticed how it was color coded as black and white with patches of pink orange and navy blue.  I think that the person who did this photo choose these colors to stand out for it has meaning behind the colors that he/she wanted to […]

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Making My Own Shakespearean Stage

    I had many questions through this process. I had to try and figure out how I am going to create this scene and how I am going to portray it. I answered that with a simple creation of a stage. Then you start to wonder how much effort is put into making an actual stage. How the play, […]

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My Understanding of Shakespeare’s Language

Close Readings — Act 5   “BIANCA: I am no strumpet, but of life as honest                     As you that thus abuse me.” (V.I.134 & 135) Bianca plays the role of Cassio’s lover and is portrayed as the “prostitute” in Othello. Shakespeare uses 3 ways to show his perspective on women and one of his ways is the role of Bianca. […]

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My Voice Entering Shakespeare’s World

I have chosen the play “Othello,” Act IV. II. 175-184. The character I play is Desdemona. What I learned from being this character was how to speak, how to pace, and what my tone should sound like in this particular character’s way. There is a special way this character speaks. Because of this character’s personality and all the things that […]

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Why is Shakespeare Still Being Studied Today?

Some of the reasons as to why Shakespeare is still studied today are because of its language and how profoundly the words are. The words Shakespeare uses are what amazes people today. His words and stories like in the video, Why Study Shakespeare Today?, explains that using his words are a way, an easier way for some people to express […]

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Observations on Billboard – “ENGLISH IS OUR LANGUAGE NO EXCETIONS”

When I viewed the billboard, instantly I thought of immigrants. I thought of immigrants because usually, immigrants have a first language that’s not English. I was thinking that this billboard was targeting immigrants. Part of what it says on the billboard is that there are “NO EXCEPTIONS.” I feel like it’s pressuring the people who are coming from a different […]

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Observations on Billboard – “TEXT AND DRIVE”

My instant reaction was the big bold words, “TEXT AND DRIVE”. What I thought was that this billboard is sending the message that it is okay to do both things at the same time. And then I thought of this one show that I seen a while back which was, “Extreme Makeover Home Edition”, and it was an episode of […]

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Stress Management

Well, actually I only used my technique once which was playing basketball for almost an hour. But the other techniques that I used were surprisingly helpful. I enjoyed not being about to think about what is causing me to be super stressed out and also having a bit of fun while using the technique. What I didn’t like about the […]

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Best Way to Manage My Stress

If I am going to be honest with myself, working out is the best way for me to release stress or get things off my mind. I started working out last year during the summer and stopped around October. I actually was feeling more better, not only because it made me feel stress free but also it made me more […]

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Stressors and Their Impacts

The stressors that impact myself on the daily are my nerves, clinging assignments together, life inside and outside of school, daughters duties, practices, and timing everything.Yes, these stressors have been impacting my emotions and learning by my eating habits, no sleep, trying to keep everything together, time management, and being able to focus.What was interesting about what I found out […]

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Fishes Not In My Sea

To the YV community, this is my response to the Warm-Up for English class today. We are studying Shakespeare’s Othello and exploring the theme of appearance versus reality Dear Nemo, I just found out that the Atlantic Ocean is being contaminated with industrial chemicals. Your species are in danger. I know I should not have let you back into the […]

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