• My full name is Octavio Carrazco Padilla. It was given to me by my dad. There wasn’t anything special about my name it was just given to me. Many people that i’ve talked to told me that my name sounds like the

    • octavio,
      You do have a pretty cool name. I think its interesting that you are more attached to your mothers maiden name since most people go by their fathers name, however it makes sense to identify with the side of the family that you are closer with. its interesting to look up the meanings behind your name even if that wasn’t the reason for your name. my name means honey bee but i don’t think thats why i was named melissa. with such a interesting name i bet your family history is a good story and i encourage you too learn more about the origins of your last name. thanks for a fun post to read.

    • Octavio,
      I liked your insight about your name. I thought it was interesting how each of your names have an origin and you feel connected to them. Like Padilla, your moms maiden name, since you grew up with her siblings and feel connected to them and thus really like the name. Carrazco, your fathers name, is interesting because like you said its not a name you hear often. And Octavio since it is again a unique name. I encourage you to learn more about the origin of Carrazco and Padilla since there is probably some heritage associated with it. Also, I encourage you to inquire to your parents more about why they named you Octavio since there is probably a story behind it.
      Hope to hear more!

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