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    Dear Juilian:

    I like the way you took these photograph of “A Path,” because of the way the weather was like when you took those photos. It dark and gloomy which I like.

    One part of you photo stands out to me is where you took the picture of the leafy road. It’s interesting because it reminds me of where I live where it’s not packed and is…[Read more]

  • Pelham Bay Park is the place I go to hang with my friends. Its is the place I go to have fun. It’s the place where wild animals go at night. It is the place where people go to play sports. It’s where we chill a

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    I like the way you rhyme and how you end each line with a Y

  • I remember  I used to play a game with my brother and every time we played I always wanted to be the hero. I remember I did not want to play if I was not the hero. I remember when I was little I wanted a toy but

  • I am from a Fabuloso scent home from bounty to tide I am from the smell of weed roaming through my buildingWhere police are standing waiting for something to happen I am from the courts and watching kids hoop I

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    Interesting poem. I would like to see the words that you didn’t black out. You might type it out so we can read it, and keep the wonderful picture.

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    Intense and selfish,Wealth, power desire,Nothing can get past.Always here not there!Always here not there!Need to listen now.

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