• Dear Oliver,
    I am interested in your poem because of the way you talk about how cars made you happy.

    I like the lines when you say
    Our place of happiness”
    I like this line because of how peaceful it sounds. A place of happiness.
    I look forward to seeing more of you work.

  • Ivan your writing was good. I liked how you explained this poem and how laid everything out. If there was one thing you can say more of is how we the people can make a change in everything thats going on. Thank you for your writing. I hope to read more of your work

  • “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe

    What makes someone insane?  What does it take to be sane?  “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe provokes these questions.  On the surface, it is a poem about a man who encounters

  • One of the most interesting lines in Edgar Allen Poe’s poem “The Raven” is in stanza 15, line 1.  the speaker is freaking out and is talking about how the raven is a devil. What came before this was that the ra

  • 1,2,3,4 then run fastHurry before they catch upChasing you for what you areRun with the ball and pass itThey pass it back and you runComing for your life it’s onChasing you again, you runMake a point and love w

    • Dear Octavio

      I’m assuming that this is about soccer or some sport. If it is then I really like how you didn’t straight up say it but instead made hints to it such as ball, pass, and shoot.

      One line that stands out for me is You miss and hate will come. This line is intriguing because of how it’s talking about something that should be enjoyable yet when you describe it, it seems like if you aren’t good at what you do you will be an outsider who nobody cares for.

    • Dear Octavio:
      I am Interested by your poem, “Pelham Bay Park,” because I used to live around that area and took the same trains as you so it’s kind of cool to go to the same school as that person.
      One line that stands out for me is, “All you had to do was shoot” I think this line is striking because you seem like you are talking about basketball and soccer but then it seems like a deeper meaning if you think about it on a deeper level.
      Another line that stands out for me is, “Chasing you again, you run” I think this line is interesting because You seem like you are running from something deeper than just an opponent.
      Thanks for your poem. I look forward to seeing what you make next. because you you are a good detailed writer and know how to get a reader attracted to your writing

    • Dear Octavio

      I am interested by your poem “ Pelham Bay Park” because I live very near to Pelham Bay park and I like the way you are describing life there.

      One part of your poem that stand out for me is where “Hurry before they catch up”, this line surprises me because I think that you are saying something about sports but then this line could have another meaning like running from someone for something that you did.

      Another part that i found interesting is where “ Chasing you for what you are” . This stood out for me because what i got from that line is that people can be jealous and will hate you for what you are.

      Thanks for your poem. I really enjoyed it.

  • My first impressions of this poem were of “The Raven” was confused.  It makes me feel surprised, yet, at the same time, perplexed. A line that especially evokes the first feeling for me is, ““Though thy crest be

    • Dear : Octavio
      I am curious by your analysis on the poem you chose , “ The Raven,” because your analysis on it made me question, is the man really sane? Your analysis on the poem helped me see that there are different point of views to it.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “I say this because He is alone and is trying to prove to himself that he is sane when he calls the raven the devil. ” I think this is shocking because I never thought of this poem in this form. I always thought that the Raven and other things occurring in his home are in his imagination.
      Another sentence that I was curious about was: “ If this poem were a question, the answer would be “that the Raven is the reaper that is going after this man.” If it were an answer, question would be “What is the Ravens purpose?”.” This stood out for me because it also made wonder if the Raven is a reaper. It made me wonder if the raven is really real or if it’s just in the speakers imagination.
      Your analysis really helped out for when I was writing my own analysis.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next.

  • I took all these pictures it was me who took them at Pelham bay park

    Pelham Bay Park is the place I go to hang with my friends. Its is the place I go to have fun. It’s the place

    • Dear Octavio:

      I am amazed by your place, “Largest Park in New York City,” because it seems calming. I like the last picture the most. It looks so cool.

      One line that stands out for me is, “It’s where we chill and relax after a long day.” I think this line is relatable because I like to relax. I would only relax there if it’s not too hot and not too cold.

      Another line that stands out for me is, “It’s the place the main place where you want to have fun.” I think this line is also relatable because I also like to have fun.

      Your place reminds me of a when I went to there for track and field at my old school’s camp. Everyday on my way to school, I pass Pelham Parkway because its only a few stops away from mine.

      Thanks for your place. I look forward to seeing what you make next. I think it will be just as good as this one or maybe better. Great job!

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    Dear Juilian:

    I like the way you took these photograph of “A Path,” because of the way the weather was like when you took those photos. It dark and gloomy which I like.

    One part of you photo stands out to me is where you took the picture of the leafy road. It’s interesting because it reminds me of where I live where it’s not packed and is…[Read more]

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    I like the way you rhyme and how you end each line with a Y

  • I remember  I used to play a game with my brother and every time we played I always wanted to be the hero. I remember I did not want to play if I was not the hero. I remember when I was little I wanted a toy but

  • I am from Fabuloso, from Bounty and Tide I am from the smell of weed roaming through the buildingwhere police stand around waiting for something to happen I am from the basketball courts and watching kids hoop I

  • Interesting poem. I would like to see the words that you didn’t black out. You might type it out so we can read it, and keep the wonderful picture.

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    Intense and selfish,Wealth, power desire,Nothing can get past.Always here not there!Always here not there!Need to listen now.

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