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Hedgehog, by Paul Muldoon, read by Ocean

I Remember

Where I’m From

Central Park

what I feel is the need to nod my head because this poem is truly a musical, when she rhymes Maya pleasures the readers by rhyming, so maybe that's why she rhyme in this poem.

Maybe, Hopscotch represents the struggles of black life so when she loses, she won because she is now escaping the struggles of life.

Another example of diction

I wonder what she meant by “they think I lost. I think I won” I think there is a deeper meaning behind that sentence.

The title Harlem Hopscotch maybe has something to do with the struggles of Black Life and how Black People lived in poverty and how Black People used hopscotch to distract themselves from these challenges.

The sound is weird, the echoing and the repeating of the words make the song annoying. I think Maya Angelou's intention of making the song sound annoying is to make it resonate with the reader. Also, the sound maybe has something to do with being annoyed.

When both feet land Maya Angelou talks about the challenges in life. So maybe What Maya Angelou is communicating is: that adults have a lot of problems to deal with so they distract themselves by playing a child's game.

I definitely agree as soon as the narrator's feet are on the floor Maya Angelou immediately talks about the obstacles in life.

I'm not sure if this I right but based on the second stanza my analogy from reading this is that Maya Angelou is using personification to communicate the struggles of black life and how people use hopscotch to distract themselves from it.

March: Book One

Point of view of March Vol 3

“My judgment had been due to my sense of how little they appeared to want. I could not conceive of peddling myself for so low a price. But, for a higher price?For Fonny”

I noticed that Daniel is a witness and he can provide alibis that Fonny wasn't there the night of Victoria rape but sadly he's in jail.

I think that Victoria knows that it wasn't Fonny that raped her. I think she just blamed the black man to get all of this over with. This is a very stressful situation and no woman should go through this.

This is a very explicit comment but I think what Daniel is saying is that the white man gets pleasure from hearing the black man suffer. I think Baldwin is talking through Daniel and is sharing his views as a black man, and what the white man has done to

Is Sharon planning to go all the way to Puerto Rico?

he's not acting soft. He went to jail because the police thought he stole a car, and it's unfair.

How much Sharon cares for Tish and Fonny and even the baby that’s in Tish!

Why does Fonny want Tish to marry him, I personally think they're to young Fonny is 22 and Tish 19, is it because people got married at such a young age in the 70s and it was common ? Or does Fonny love Tish so much he couldn't wait

If Beale Street Could Talk

This reminds me of the Kalief Browder case were a black man was accused of stealing a back pack and was sent to Rikers Island for 3 years. He never stood trial or was found guilty of any crime, he spent three years in prison.

Notice how Baldwin is slowly revealing why Fonny's in jail. This technique leaves readers biting their nails!

This is Love

I think this sex scene is more than sex.

This is a very graphic scene but what we can retrieve from this, is Baldwin is a very descriptive person/author

I think it's more than just an newborn I think Mrs.Hunt started this fight mainly because she feels Tish is corrupting Fonny.

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