• Hi Jemina,
    I really liked your argument because you provided multiple sources that are reliable. Not only were they provided but you used described how they helped support your argument really well. Do you think that there is a solution that is cost-effective and fast enough to save the environment? Here is a source that I think will be helpful:…[Read more]

  • Hi Emily,
    I really liked your article because I never knew fast fashion was this big of a problem in our world today. I liked how you said there isn’t a perfect solution, but there are a bunch of little things that we can do to make sure that we are supporting ethical and sustainable brands. Here is a link to a website that provides brands that…[Read more]

  • Hi Amber,
    I’m confused about how you call yourself “pro life” if you are okay with abortion under “certain circumstances.” That completely undermines your whole argument. You used good evidence, but you can’t be pro-life and be okay with abortion in certain situations.

  • I read three articles this week about abortion, planned parenthood, and birth control. There seems to have been a large drop in unintended pregnancies which is due to increased conversation and funding regarding

  • Hi Dejuan,
    I like the idea behind your article because there is a lot of information there. Maybe to add to it you could use other examples of cases around the country. This website https://mappingpoliceviolence.org/ would be really useful because it maps cases of police brutality across the country. I hope this was helpful!

  • Olivia commented on the post, Opioid epidemic 1 month ago

    Hi Sebastian,
    I really like your approach to researching this topic by looking into previous lawsuits because I think finding out who is liable for this epidemic is important. I also really liked that your article was thorough and explored many parts of the issue (health, laws, etc). I think this source will be really helpful to you because it…[Read more]

  • Hi Jesus,
    I really liked your post because you were able to back up your claims with various types of evidence such as tables, graphs, and statistics. I also like how you offered two solutions instead of just one! I think you would like this article about gun violence solutions…[Read more]

  • Hi Katie,
    I really like your argument and how you use not only evidence from our world today, but all the way back to the ancient civilizations. There is a lot we can learn from that. Your argument was easy to follow, well supported, and straight forward! I think you would enjoy this article https://time.com/4266874/vegetarian-diet-climate-change/…[Read more]

  • Hi Lola,
    I really like your post and how you explained the statistics of the issue and also how the death penalty is practiced in the US. Your argument is backed up by a lot of really good evidence. Here is a source that talks about more facts surrounding this issue. https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2018/08/02/5-facts-about-the-death-penalty/

  • Olivia commented on the post, Abortion 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Hi James. I thought it was interesting that you talked about the religious side of the argument because that is a large part of the anti-abortion argument. However, preventing access to these services will not decrease the number of how many are performed because it will just happen illegally which puts the mothers life at risk. This article…[Read more]

  • It is no secret that teen pregnancy comes with a lot of risks. I annotated an article that talked about a plan in Colorado that has significantly reduced the number of teen birth rates and the number of abortions

  • Hi! I really liked your article and agree that rehabilitation is better than punishment. We would have a much more functional society if we focused on helping more people. It is interesting to look at the statistics regarding this issue. Here is a website I think will be helpful: https://www.apa.org/monitor/julaug03/rehab .

  • Hi Conor. I agree with you that this is a big problem. I think everyone knows someone who has been affected by drug addiction. I like your solutions as well, but I also think some good solutions involve changing the law. Here is a website that can elaborate on this: https://www.cdc.gov/drugoverdose/policy/laws.html .

  • Hi Jimmy. I disagree with your argument about abortion. It is a woman’s right to choose what to do with her body. There are a lot of reasons a woman would get an abortion. For example, if the mother is in danger due to the pregnancy she should reserve the right to choose whether or not to terminate the pregnancy. Here is a resource that I think…[Read more]

  • Olivia commented on the post, Immigration 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hi, I disagree with you when you said “it will help our country succeed further and become a safe place not only for us now, but for generations to come also.” A wall is simply a symbol of hate and doesn’t actually detour crime. How would the physical wall prevent crime better than actual boarder security?…[Read more]

  • I really liked how you brought cost into the argument and how you stated that animal testing can cost as much as “a private school tuition.” I completely agree that it is wrong to test on animals. Do you think factual arguments or moral arguments are more effective in creating change? Here is an article that states the laws in place about animal…[Read more]

  • Olivia wrote a new post, Abortion Debate 4 months ago

    In the first article I read, the title was “Safe and Legal Abortion is a Human Right.” The author is claiming that the woman’s right to choose has support in guarantees of life, autonomy, health, and freed

  • Hi!
    I really liked reading this because I happen to be an advocate for gun control, and I felt that this article was opinionated but you had good evidence to back up your claims. My favorite part was when you contrasted rural and urban Americans, and how people who live in different areas have different outlooks on what guns are. However, is…[Read more]

  • I really like this article because you cite sources from the big organizations that are supposed to protect us from products like e-cigarettes, such as the CDC and the FDA. It makes me wonder, what other products are out there that could be harming us in our everyday lives? Many high schoolers in our community have suffered the consequences of…[Read more]

  • There is an epidemic running rampant throughout our country. This disease and crisis have claimed the lives of at least 400,000 people since 1999. This epidemic is the disease of opioid addiction and abuse. The

    • I am impressed at this article. I believe that medical marijuana should be accessible to those who are seeking pain relief. I like how you incorporated data and studies showing that the medical marijuana does in fact, decrease pain significantly without many side affects. Overall, good job.

    • Estimada Olivia:
      Estoy muy interesada con su publicación “Medical Marijuana”, porque tiene mucha razón que muchas personas tienen problemas mentales por causa de esa droga.
      Es muy importante que las personas tengan conocimiento de los daños que puede causar esta droga.
      Muchas personas la usan como medicina pero es malo usarla diariamente puede causar problemas.
      Una frase que usted escribió que se destaca para mi es: “Esta enfermedad y crisis ha cobrado la vida de al menos 400,000 personas desde 1999”. Creo que esto es muy importante saberlo que consumir esta dosis puede perjudicarte.
      No solo a ti si no que también perjudica a las personas que están a tu alrededor.
      Gracias por tu escritura.
      Espero ver lo que escribes a continuación, por que me gusta mucho la forma en que escribes tus publicaciones. Das a conocer muchas cosas sobre las drogas.

    • Estimada Olivia;

      Estoy asombrado por su publicación (Marihuana medical) porqué la marihuana es algo importante en la vida cotidiana, y que si se usa como medicamento es más importante. Por que según los expertos la marihuana se puede usar como medical.
      Una frase que usted escribió que se destaca para mi es “Otro tratamiento de medicina alternativa es la marihuana medicinal. Según el Instituto Nacional sobre el Abuso de Drogas, se ha demostrado que la marihuana medicinal trata afecciones médicas tales como epilepsia, dolor por cáncer, anorexia, ansiedad, depresión, VIH / SIDA, abuso de sustancias y esclerosis múltiple.” creo que esto es algo más importante relacionado con la marihuana por que la marihuana puede curar algunas heridas que las medicinas no pueden.
      Gracias por su escritura. Espero ver lo que escribes a continuación , porque quiero aprender más sobre la marihuana y su uso en las enfermedades.


    • This article was very well written. I also agree that marijuana should be accessible to those who need it. Because it’s not, people are suffering.

    • Hi Olivia,
      I am impressed by the way you don’t exactly take a side on the argument but instead act like an audience member who is looking for why this is such a heated topic in today’s world. I also like the fact that you bring in professional opinions and facts on the issue itself. I agree that we must look at medical marijuana as something that can have many benefits in the medical world but also be careful as to who to give it to.

    • I really liked how you used the problem of opioid use as an introduction for your argument. It made your claim authentic and mature by presenting a solution to a present problem. You did a good job of providing a lot of facts from credible sources and weaving them into your article nicely.

    • This is a great article that bring about a lot of questions that appear in todays society. I liked that you started talking about the opioid epidemic, bringing in facts and information to help back up your claims. I liked how you wrote more as an educator rather than taking a side on the issue. I also believe that medical marijuana should be an alternate method to pain relief because it is natural and generally non addictive compared to the other common drugs used to treat pain. Nice job!

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