• In the book, The Glass Castle talks about a girl who grew up in poverty and grew up to be a successful woman living in New York City. Poverty is something that sweeps the nation today in the United States. “In 2

    • Emilee, I loved your piece on the effects of poverty in our nation. The way that you used the relation of a book you read to current national events makes the topic easier to understand. My favorite part was your last paragraph, when you said “Poverty is a hard thing for all people to understand no matter your social class to how others might be living.” because it really shows the variance of poverty. I also think that it was good that you added your sources, you could maybe look at this website if you needed more information, https://www.thenation.com/article/democrats-congress-house-anti-poverty-agenda-economic-justice/. Overall I loved your writing, thank you for sharing your views.

  • Teo,
    I agree that many people take our freedoms in America for granted and we don’t truly know any different. Us slightly educated people do know that immigrants aren’t terrorist, rapists, or aren’t just here to take our jobs. So many people in America do believe that they are and fear them. There is no reason to fear them and we will keep…[Read more]

  • The American Creed can be preserved in so many different ways but I believe it comes down to core values. Freedom, liberty, equality, and opportunity are what many believe to be the American dream. The American

    • The part about perseverance was very inspiring and I agree that it is crucial to being American.

  • Hallo Penelope,
    I understand your argument about how large amount of plastics not being recycled ca hurt the earth and animals/wildlife. over all it is a unrealistic goal to get rid of the use of bottles all together

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