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    Hello Ahmir, I am very pleased to see you have chosen cloning as your Genetic Engineering application since cloning is very interesting and I also wonder how far we as the human race can go far to as clone another living organism. I wonder that once we are able to clone then can we also clone people’s personality and memories as well beside their…[Read more]

  • Gene Therapy is one of the many forms of applications of Genetic Engineering. Genetic Engineering is the act of enhancing on the trait in a living organism by modifying the genetic code. For example, we can

  • During my research, I acquired four reliable sources that I annotated about Gene Therapy.

    “Is Gene Therapy Safe? – Genetics Home Reference.” U.S. National Library of Medicine. National Institutes of Health,

  • The application I choice for Genetic Engineering was Gene Therapy. Gene Therapy focuses on altering the genes for the sake of helping those who have a disability or has a disease. By doing this gene altercation it

  • On my understanding of  Genetic Engineering, it is the action of modifying the genes of living organisms in order to form a new and better result. Scientists can alter the genes in the DNA by changing the g

  • Should Abortion be Legal?

    An important issue that I feel very strongly about is that women should have full control and rights to her body, meaning that every woman should have rights to whether they want an

  • My 30-second hook was about the Blue Wall of Silence, an unwritten rule among police culture where they would never rat out each other out. I had to practice a couple times in front of my friend before I could n

  • This is my audio recording of my eye contact and body language.

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    On my first recording I first tried wining, seductive, unimpressed, angry and shocked. On my second recording my tone was happy, creepy, demanding, genuine and unimpressed.

    When I was recording, I immediately

  • The two videos I watched was “Ted’s secret to great public speaking” and “Good and Bad Examples of Presentation”. Anderson in the Ted video was explaining that whats so amazing about public speaking is that you

  • “ Fie, fie upon thee, strumpet!/ I am no strumpet, but of life as honest/ As you that thus abuse me.” (Act V Scene i Line 133-135)

    The word that gets used often in this Act is the word “st

  • Shakespeare is still studied in schools because it’s where the beginning of new word development and creation began. Shakespeare himself have created many of the words we used today to describe many things. He had

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  • Hello, my name is Nickey, and I decided to voice over Othello’s Act IV Scene III on Line 101-108. I spoke as Emilia, and she is a character who has great insight and understanding into a relationship of man and

  • To the YV community, this is my response to the Warm-Up for English class today. We are studying Shakespeare’s Othello and exploring the theme of appearance versus reality.


    Dear M

  • Dear President,

         I think you should consider the police brutality that has risen over these recent years. Your own citizens are getting killed and injured by the very people who are suppose to protect us.

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      Dear Nuong,

      I am glad about your post “Police Brutality And College Cost” because negative actions of policemen has been happening for a really long time. Same as for the college cost many people nowadays have great knowledge/education but not enough money to take the next step after high school. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “Citizens are getting killed and injured by the very people who are supposed to protect us.” I think this is sad because your statement is the exact truth about our world where policemen are using their power for unnecessary reasons. Another sentence that I feel is right was “Possibly instead of putting all our spending and tax money on the military, more should be placed in colleges as well.” This stood out for me because a lot of our money is going towards the military when some of it can go to schools for students to receive more knowledge and maybe one day become entrepreneurs. I do agree with you about policemen wearing body cameras. One reason I say that is because policemen can get away with a lot of stuff but having that body cameras it can help justify innocent people. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I’m really interested in your research about both topics. Mainly because those are two huge problems in our society even to this day.

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