• A woman will find other ways to do an abortion, making abortion illegal doesn’t help anyone. You’ll only put the woman at risk because taking away abortion only takes away safe abortion.


  • Abortion is a very controversial topic that divides many people calling themselves either pro-choice (supporting the woman) or pro-life (supporting the baby). Abortion has been a long running issue but I find that

    • Great job! Your infographic used a lot of solid evidence and I completely agree with your argument. My group made a similar infographic in support of Planned Parenthood.

    • Nice job on the infographic! I appreciate how you included the circle graph and many images that make your argument overall persuasive and interesting to read.

    • This is a great infographic. I think the message here is really powerful, especially considering our current administration and the defunding of planned parenthood. I love the use of graphics and statistics, which compress the information into easier to understand items.

  • I chose this website because it was able to break down the pros and cons to those who were pro-choice and pro-life. I thought this website was interesting because in the end those who fight for pro-choice and

  • Hello Surako, Cloning is a great topic to go deeper on in Genetic Engineering! The fact that science continues to grow and grow, what are the possibilities that we might be able to clone one day? I think cloning is something that can either help us or hurt us so as you continue to research I hope you get the chance to decide if cloning would be…[Read more]

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    Hello Ahmir, I am very pleased to see you have chosen cloning as your Genetic Engineering application since cloning is very interesting and I also wonder how far we as the human race can go far to as clone another living organism. I wonder that once we are able to clone then can we also clone people’s personality and memories as well beside their…[Read more]

  • Gene Therapy is one of the many forms of applications of Genetic Engineering. Genetic Engineering is the act of enhancing on the trait in a living organism by modifying the genetic code. For example, we can

  • During my research, I acquired four reliable sources that I annotated about Gene Therapy.

    “Is Gene Therapy Safe? – Genetics Home Reference.” U.S. National Library of Medicine. National Institutes of Health,

  • The application I choice for Genetic Engineering was Gene Therapy. Gene Therapy focuses on altering the genes for the sake of helping those who have a disability or has a disease. By doing this gene altercation it

  • On my understanding of  Genetic Engineering, it is the action of modifying the genes of living organisms in order to form a new and better result. Scientists can alter the genes in the DNA by changing the g

  • Should Abortion be Legal?

    An important issue that I feel very strongly about is that women should have full control and rights to her body, meaning that every woman should have rights to whether they want an

    • Nuong,
      Many people debate and dwindle on the topic of abortion. I don’t support it in anyway, but I do believe that women have the right to choose what happens to their body. I am not saying that abortion is a good thing, because taking the life of a baby is not right, but what I am trying to express is that if a woman feels that aborting the child is what she needs to do then she deserves to do what she feels is best.

    • Nuong,
      I agree with some of the things you have written in this paragraph.It it true that women should be able to what’s happening to their bodies.But some people have different views it’s good that you have this platform to express your opinion.

    • Nuong, I very much agree with the subject of your argument, and I hope to eventually read more about what you feel on the subject. I think it would be fruitful as well to go into some statistics and facts about life as it forms, consciousness, and the importance of the health of the mother. You may even touch on the dislike for Planned Parenthood throughout America, as this is such a hot topic these days. I suggest looking at their website (https://www.plannedparenthood.org) to see what their aim is in the organization, and how they treat and follow up with their patients. It would be a bit of a tangent, but I think it would be worth mentioning the fact that Planned Parenthood isn’t just an abortion clinic, but also a place to find regular medical checkups, examinations, and even mammograms for those who may not perhaps be able to afford them elsewhere.

    • Nuong,
      I also agree that women should be able to do what they feel is right with their bodies whether that means abortion or other decisions. I think it is really awesome that you were willing write about such a big topic. Many people have very strong views towards this topic and your choice to express your opinion is very inspirational. I found your topic very interesting, thank you.

  • My 30-second hook was about the Blue Wall of Silence, an unwritten rule among police culture where they would never rat out each other out. I had to practice a couple times in front of my friend before I could n

  • This is my audio recording of my eye contact and body language.

  • On my first recording I first tried wining, seductive, unimpressed, angry and shocked. On my second recording my tone was happy, creepy, demanding, genuine and unimpressed.

    When I was recording, I immediately

  • The two videos I watched was “Ted’s secret to great public speaking” and “Good and Bad Examples of Presentation”. Anderson in the Ted video was explaining that whats so amazing about public speaking is that you

  • “ Fie, fie upon thee, strumpet!/ I am no strumpet, but of life as honest/ As you that thus abuse me.” (Act V Scene i Line 133-135)

    The word that gets used often in this Act is the word “st

  • Shakespeare is still studied in schools because it’s where the beginning of new word development and creation began. Shakespeare himself have created many of the words we used today to describe many things. He had

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