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    "Rocky Mountains" (a response poem to "The Sacramento" by Jeff Knorr)

    Based on “The Sacramento” by Jeff Knorr:*This is a response poem that incorporates and modifies the last line of Knorr’s work The mountains stand like a wall: impenetrable, cool, aloof.Pretending, from a distance, to be flat and angular, one...

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    • Dear Natasha,

      I am mystified by your poem, “Rocky Mountains”, as I have lived near them my whole life and have not thought of them in the ways you describe in this poem. However, given recent events which you clearly know of, this poem is daring and appropriate.

      One line that particularly stood out to me was “Once only the most respectful could learn their secrets; now they are laid bare to all.” This line stood out to me as it shows just how bare the mountains become when the fires rage through. It really seems to take out a bit of the solitude that is within the mountains.

      Your poem helps me to understand that I am not the only one who has felt the sadness from the fires this year, and I am not the only one who suffers.

      Thank you for your poem.

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    Natasha commented on the post, Pork Skin

    I like how your poem discusses a very specific, personal place. It’s interesting how even chores (cleaning up after the dogs, putting away their toys) are described fondly. The descriptions help me imagine the scene in my mind, and the image of the birds makes me smile!

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    Natasha commented on the post, Hope for freedom

    I really like this poem and the accompanying photo! I had not considered space as a “place” – when I wrote my poem I only thought in terms of very specific places. The line “the video game was his friend” is intriguing because video games so often have a negative reputation. And I like how the last three stanzas all consider freedom with a…Read More

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    Natasha commented on the post, Prospect Park in the Rain

    Beautiful photos! I especially like the closeup of the benches with the fog and lights shining through it in the background. I also like how the metal plaque on the bench is visible, but I can’t quite read it. It makes me wonder about the person it’s dedicated to. I also like the last photo, with just a few leaves remaining. It makes me think of…Read More


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