• In Chicago, a lot of students use public transportation like the CTA. Even with the student discount, it is still a lot of money that students invest in when using the CTA. Our plan is to have the U pass program

    • Great idea. Where do you think the revenue should come from?

    • Do you have any other ideas of options for students of lower income families that may not be able to afford this U-Pass either?

    • This is a very good idea! On which elected or appointed officials do you think we should point our pressure at? I’m pretty sure Clerk Anna Valencia would be an ally here.

    • Dezmon replied 1 week ago

      Dear Jennifer, I thought that you understand that the student reduced fair isn’t enough. I agree when you say we should incorporate high school students in the u pass. Your post has me thinking who in the CTA organization should we press about this issue. Lastly, I wonder if you thought about telling your alderman about this pressing issue.

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