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    Wash your clothes in this kind of way; wash them every saturday morning or afternoon;if they are white pour a cup of clorox in the washing machine for them;this is how they are meant to look; white and crisp; if

    • I loved the part where you talked about how to grow. “This” is the soil and climate and sunshine that you grow in. I love this connection that you have made and I like how you are able to mention the more subtle expectations set for you without sounding like you’re just complaining about life. I do think that not all expectations and precedents set have to be negative; I think it would improve your essay to bring in the more positive aspect that come along with the bad ones. over all a great essay!

  • Dear Leaders of America,

    My name is Norma PabloCalmo. I am a senior at Fremont High school. I am eighteen years old. I am a nice person who wants to help out her community. I am aiming to become an immigration

    • Norma!! Amazing piece. I love the way you share who you are as a person to your readers right off the bat. I agree with a lot of things you said. I agree that the Native Americans are the true Americans, that nowadays everyones’ nationality is mixed, that our president should think before he speaks, that there should be no war, that civil rights should be equal, and that are people should work in harmony. I am really sorry that you have to worry about getting sent back to your country of origin. I suggest that you research the programs available for immigrants in school, and find the easiest and fastest way for you to be able to stay here! I will keep you and your family, along with all of the other families who are not from here in my prayers. It’s saddening to think that we had another mass shooting today. Our world needs some help. Keep writing, and keep pursuing your dreams Norma, you’re awesome!!

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