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    Tattoos: A History, Culture, and Expression

    It may be difficult to wrap your head around why someone would want to endure the painful and expensive procedures to inject ink underneath the skin to last a lifetime. However, modifying one’s body with ink markings has been...

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    I think you did very well with wording and specific ideas that tied together your whole idea very nicely. I loved your focus on a more under the radar example among today’s younger citizens as you led with “anyone over the age of 30” highlighting the need for attention and focus from adolescent American citizens. I think how you mentioned the…Read More

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    Growth from Sibling Rivalry

    One of the most inevitable and irritating situations for families with multiple children are sibling rivalries, but oddly enough the process proves an important purpose in a child’s realization of their differentiation and conduct. Sibling rivalry is due to...

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    • I really like how you involved the story of Cain and Abel and was able to connect it to your blog. It really helped intrigue me and made me more focused about how sibling tensions have been a long problem. Coming from a. family with sibling I feel as though many of the things you said are true. I never really thought about what the studies said in your Blog, so it was very nice to. see. what researchers say about it.

      I think it was really well written. Maybe you could also include instances or stories that have happened with your own siblings or any stories of how siblings feel as well. Or personal sibling opinions.

    • Norah,

      This is a greatly written article! I love the connections between the Bible, history, and modern times! I never thought about it this way, but it makes sense that during the 18th century, most sibling rivalries were over basic survival. Good thing it’s not like this anymore! As an only child, I’ve been lucky enough to never experience sibling rivalry first-hand, but I after watching how some of my friends act with their brothers and sisters, i’m happy I don’t have to deal with it! Again, this is a great article and I look forward to reading more of your work!

    • Dear Norah,
      I am impressed by your post “growth from sibling rivalry” because I love the connections you made between the Bible and today’s society. It’s interesting how Sibling rivalry is deeply rooted in our history. One sentence you wrote that stood out to me was ” This sibling fighting can leave parents feeling drained and wondering why their kids seem to be fighting so often and if it was their own fault.” 

    • This is a great article, your connections are very strong and your picture is extremely intriguing. I feel like the insight you gave to your examples really helped me understand where your point is coming from in different ways but both with the same goal. The only thing I would improve would be a better ending sentence in your second to last paragraph, just so you’re not stuck on a piece of evidence. None the less good work!!



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