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One thing you said that stands out for me is: “I feel that they should make certain laws to perform different things on food like the way they put parasite stuff to help the plants and stop the bugs from eating the plants.” I think this is intelligent because...

Providing an after school program is a great solution for students to talk it all out and would feel less pressured that way. This would be a great help for them.

What if protesting doesn't help spread the message that's supposed to be heard? is there another solution for that?A solution that doesn't include yelling or violence?

Creating nuclear bombs and having war with other countries is all not worth it it, because there's innocent people involved here. They wasted too much money on their weapons but instead they could have used that money to help support those who are in need of it more than...

This is important to talk about because just like I see in fremont, newcomers join us everyday, and I think that providing them mentors to help them one-on-one will be a great help for them because that way they'll learn the language faster, get the education they need, and...

What if the solution to having a consular encourage a student doesn't workout? Is there another solution?.

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