• One thing you said that stands out for me is: “I feel that they should make certain laws to perform different things on food like the way they put parasite stuff to help the plants and stop the bugs from eating the plants.” I think this is intelligent because people may actually be eating poison or stuff that puts them at risks.

  • Some people believe GM foods are safe, healthy, and sustainable, while others claim the opposite. I think it’s safe because they engineer seeds to give GM foods stronger colors, increase their shelf life, or

    • This is a great topic that I think you can go into more depth with. It has to do with plasmids that can be genetically engineered. Most of our food is actually genetically engineered to keep the food away from pesticides and other food invaders. This is a very interesting issue because sometimes these chemicals can be harmful to us. I want to see more because this is something that is very current and is very important.

    • Hi Noor, I agree a little with you about GM is good, because some foods contain more nutrients, vitamins, etc. But I know some GM foods can be bad because some of them contain hormones, the animals we eat are also feed with that. When farmers use pesticides to kill undesirable plants, it harms the earth and if the food is not well washed, there are probabilities we can consume those chemicals. plan But I like your position because mostly GM are seen as “the bad guys” when also they are helping us.

  • Not long ago, if you were diabetic, the insulin your doctor prescribed would have come from a pig. If you required human growth hormone, it would have come from human cadavers, a source that is costly, not to

    • Noor, this is a very interesting post. What caught my attention and interest in reading this post was the mention of diabetes. I have a few people, near and dear to me in my life who have diabetes, and all I want for them is to live without the struggle of having to deal with this inconvenience. I’m very interested in going into medicine in the future, and this kind of writing attracts me to learn more about the crazy things we can do to ourselves to make us live. It would be cool to hear more about your opinion on recombination DNA to create un-natural things, even if it is for the greater good. I, myself, believe that some transgenic DNA is good and has many benefits, but I much prefer naturality (especially when it comes to food). It can be a little controversial when it comes to humans because you are dealing with something that is living, with a conscience, with people who care about them, while putting something foreign into their body hoping there are no negative effects. I found an article that discusses some of the pros and cons of recombinant DNA, and it would be great to see another post talking more about this topic with more details! Thank you for reminding me the interesting things that humans have come up with to cure the failing.


  • Nearly 9 in 10 abortions take place early in pregnancy (Abort73, 2017). Women around the world use abortion to control reproduction. Abortion is the action of ending a human’s pregnancy, most often done during t

  • Noor wrote a new post, My Topic 2 years, 3 months ago

    Draft questions that are related to my own interests and worldly issues are:

    What do women feel after having an abortion?

    Why do people have strong opinions when it comes to abortion?

    Do people know that there

  • The applicant of genetic engineering that I chose is Medicine, I chose this because using the genetic engineering can help cure deadly diseases, like Alzheimer’s Disease, diabetes, and heart disease. Also because

    • Good questions. It’s great that you have an interest in medicine and helping others out with health problems.

  • Genetic engineering is when a certain DNA is being inserted into another DNA to get the wanted results. It’s interesting to see how DNA can be inserted into to bacterial DNA, and since bacteria increases faster,

  • Providing an after school program is a great solution for students to talk it all out and would feel less pressured that way. This would be a great help for them.

  • What if protesting doesn’t help spread the message that’s supposed to be heard? is there another solution for that?A solution that doesn’t include yelling or violence?

  • Creating nuclear bombs and having war with other countries is all not worth it it, because there’s innocent people involved here. They wasted too much money on their weapons but instead they could have used that money to help support those who are in need of it more than the nuclear bomb. If the U.S and North Korea get into a fight/war and drops…[Read more]

  • This is important to talk about because just like I see in fremont, newcomers join us everyday, and I think that providing them mentors to help them one-on-one will be a great help for them because that way they’ll learn the language faster, get the education they need, and won’t go through difficulties during high school or in their future life.

  • What if the solution to having a consular encourage a student doesn’t workout? Is there another solution?.


    “I will chop her into messes. Cuckold me!” (act 4 scene 1, line 210)


    Othello here is so angry after hearing both Cassio and Iago talking, he’s so mad he now wants to murder Desdemona. The word “messes

  • The play that I choose is Othello, Act 5 Scene 1 lines 12-22. The character that I played is Iago, and what I learned from the impact of the tone is that there is confidence in it. Iago was speaking to himself and

  • Shakespeare is still being studied today in school because, Students get to see the Racial differences because Shakespeare’s play talks a lot about that, not only that but it was also common back then. “Why stu

  • Listening to music is a technique that I will definitely stick with. Listening to music have been always fun and relaxing for me, I’ve been into music since I was a kid so I feel like music is a part of my life. I

  • These are my reflections to the videos that I watched, and those videos are “How stress can make you sick”, and “How stress affects your brain.”

    What I learned was that The adrenal gland releases the stress

  • To the YV community, this is my response to the Warm-Up for English class today. We are studying Shakespeare’s Othello and exploring the theme of appearance versus reality.

    Dear Selena,

    I’ve realized that you

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