• Voting was not an option for African Americans until decades after the constitution was ratified. While the constitution gave them freedom, equality, and civil rights, it did not protect them from being viewed as

    • I am intrigued with your post because you gave several reasons to behind why when doing the right thing can lead to harm or cause a bigger problem when people are sticking up for what they believe in. When people protest its to stand up for what they know is right for them or to show that there is still a huge problem and this is the only way to catch the attention of everyone.

      One thing that stood out for me was ” While the constitution gave them freedom, equality, and civil rights, it did not protect them from being viewed as second class citizens and from being treated unfairly.” This was interesting because not only do many people come to the United States to live free and they come here to live equal with the same quality as everyone else. Not everyone has that chance and for the government and the policy’s given to not stick up to them is not equal for everyone who comes for that one thing.

    • Noor,
      I really enjoyed reading your post. Your intro really pulled me in as a reader and got me thinking about your topic. I decided to do a little research of my own and I found an article you might find interesting (will attach link at end). One sentence of your post in particular caught my eye, when you said that “the police are there for protection and security, not to cause fear in the people. They have also broken the trust of the people and created tension between the community and the officers. ” This excerpt really got me thinking about how different demographics are effected differently by political issues and cases of civil unrest. Thanks for posting!

      -Sam M.


    • Great post. You used great information to back up your claim. This post you wrote pulled me in. This world is out of control and it needs to be a stop to violence.

    • Dear Noor,
      This was a very thoughtful post, my class is going to watch this documentary later this week so I am excited to see how this insight translates to the film. I agree with your statement that things need to be fixed as well.

    • Noor,
      This post was very well written with what seemed like a lot of passion behind it. I agree with your point that even when we are trying to do the right thing and peacefully protest for what we believe in, police still resort to violent actions. While this is not all police members it is still very prevalent today. I enjoyed your point that we come to the US for freedom but sometimes we get the opposite. Overall I really enjoyed this piece. Do you think we will ever get rid of this problem? If so, will it be soon? I would appreciate if you got back to me.
      Helpful link: https://mappingpoliceviolence.org

    • Noor, your post is very insightful and passionate. I’m so happy you feel strongly about this issue and wrote this post. It’s so important in American, especially now that we ensure safety for everyone. It’s said that people feel unsafe just because of the color of their skin. It’s completely unfair that african american people feel afraid of police and unprotected. I think if we keep raising awareness of this issue and speaking up for what is right, we can make things better. Keep writing and doing your part in this fight! I found this link on how we can help to reduce police brutality in our country (https://qz.com/921006/theres-one-sure-way-to-reduce-police-brutality/) Keep fighting for what’s right! Hope to see you write more on this soon 🙂

    • Noor,
      This post is very well written. I am glad that your are so passionate about this issue and you are willing to speak out against it. I do think that there needs to be a change in society to make it safe for everybody. This article really made me think and I think that it will do the same for other people. Overall this was a very good article.

    • Noor, This post was such a nice read because you are so articulate and clear in your writing and I was totally able to understand your stance because of that. I agreed with so much that you were saying and it is just nice to get a post about this topic.

    • Police Brutality is very big for the Black people in the United States because police people believe that they have control over us.

  • Dear Jesus,
    your research topic is very important and interesting to read about. Air pollution is a very controversial and serious topic that people have heated arguments about and I think that you captured the issue very well. one question that I have for you is what are some easy things that we could do to help out with this air pollution problem?

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    I think that in someway every American value comes back around to the American dream and to our ancestors who achieved it. To me, it seems like there are a few values every American cares for such as having

    • Noor, your post is very well written. I especially like the part where you stated “The concept of the freedom of speech is only possible if you believe it’s for everyone to have and not just for certain people.” This stands out because people will practice their freedom of speech but find it difficult to accept that others have that right too. I think there is a fine line between the freedom of speech when it comes to what and how you are portraying it. No matter what, our free speech about the nations issues, struggles, etc. are always going to upset someone that has a different opinion on the matter. Although this may be the case, at least we are still practicing the ability to speak our minds. An article that might interest you is about “#takeaknee”, which can be read on https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/oct/1/take-knee-protests-drop-dramatically-after-fan-bac/ I think you will find this interesting because it not only acknowledges freedom of speech, but also brings into play many other issues that the United States faces today.

    • Noor, I agree with what you think Americans value. Our first amendment is very important to us with the freedom of speech, petition, assembly, religion and press. You mention how much we value free speech and I realized how much we take our first amendment rights for granted. We live in a very fortunate country where our government grants us freedoms that they do not have the authority to take away. They idea that one would come to America seeking a better life reinforces that what Americans value, others value as well.

    • Noor, I loved reading this. I completely agree with what you said. You said that now we are using our right to assemble and freedom of speech to march for what we believe, I am so glad that it is happening because we have to fix issues happening today.Thank you for posting.

    • Noor, I agree with many of your points, especially about the one that states that we have many opportunities offered in this country that are not always offered in other countries. It is something many take for granted, with the protests going on in our country at this time. This is always something to remember when we go about everyday life.

    • Noor, I loved your post and completely agree with your statements. America is a land of opportunity and a big part of what makes this statement true is our freedoms. As Americans we are very proud of our privileges and hold them very dear to us, they are the clothes on our backs, and we wear them with pride knowing no one should strip us of them.

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