• I believe in never giving up. Everyone in the world has given up before in their lives. It’s a very common reaction that we have when something doesn’t go the way we want it to. Many things can cause us to giv

  • In the book American Sniper, one of the main values in the book is the idea of patriotism. Patriotism is the idea of being very supportive for your country and representing your country in everything you do. In

    • Nolan, first of all, great post. I agree 100% that patriotism is an American value. Americans should be supportive to one another and we should treat other with respect. But not only that, we should also treat our military with respect. Chris Kyle was arguably one of the best soldiers in our nation’s history. I enjoyed reading his book American Sniper and I hope you did too. He was a true patriot and I hope you took a lot away from reading his book. Your writing is strong and you made a lot of good points. You had good evidence from your texts and they supported your argument that patriotism is an American value. Your focus was clear and you kept me interested the whole time. Overall, great job!

  • Eli,
    I really liked your post. I liked how you included specific quotes from the texts that you used. I think that most of the documents that helped us build this country have the same ideas in each one. I thought it was cool how you talked about how when the African American’s were suppose to get their freedom and everyone was gonna be equal that…[Read more]

  • Ed,
    I really enjoyed reading your post. I am a skier myself and I have never really thought about what it will be like in the future until after reading your post. I really liked the sentence of when you were describing the different numbers that might be able to host the Olympics. That is really crazy to think about how that in the future there…[Read more]

  • In America our values, culture, and creeds can all be found in the documents that we have today and live by. We have a lot of documents that describe what our country is made up of, the core values that make us

    • Hi Nolan. I think that the laws that we have in place now about equality do what the founding documents say about all men created equally. Even if it is impossible for true equity and for there to be no racism (as long as there are differences between people, I think there will be) I think that the documents we have are good but some of the people aren’t. I think that when you included the quote of how if you work as hard as you could and played by the rules you should be able to have a good life. I think that is very important, the ability to succeed if you work the hardest you could.

    • Nolan,
      I had the same ideas when we wrote these posts in class. American was founded on certain principles and those principles should still be some of the most importants qualities of not only our country but also the people that live in it. There is one problem that I ran into when thinking about this topic. What do we do if the founding documents aren’t enough? There have been lots of problems in the news, especially recently, that have been related to some of the rights we are guaranteed in the founding documents. Some of these problems include mass shootings and the right to bear arms, or equality for all and racism. These problems are addressed by the documents but aren’t fixing the problem. What can we do?

  • Thomas,
    I agree with what you are saying about the NFL issue that is happening right now. I liked how you said that there is a right way to do it and a wrong way. I think another wrong way was when the Pittsburgh Steelers didn’t even come out for the National Anthem, they just stayed in their locker rooms. I think that is just a bad way to show it…[Read more]

  • Sierra,
    I agree with what you are trying to say. I also am an athlete and it gets really hard sometimes when I have practice and then I have to come home and finish all of my homework and study for tests. I think that stress is something that everyone has to deal with no matter what and we all need to overcome stress different ways. I liked how…[Read more]

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