• Dear Jose
    I am totally agree with your post on “Restrinting online speech in the name of students safety” because it is true that schools are the responsible to have a good and safe environment for the students, I am also agree with you in that the Cyberbullied have a big effect in student and that it can cause illness or stress because when…[Read more]

  • Schools should be allowed to limit students’ online speech. There are three main reasons why schools should be limit students’ online speech:Cyberbullying  is a problem, Cyberbullying distracts the learning envi

    • Dear Noe:
      I am touched with your post “Should Schools be Allowed to Limit Student’ Online Speech?” because in our day today there has been many cases where students get bullied because of the schools allowing students to use their electronic devices online. There should be a limit that school must have in order to stop cyber bullying from happening on campus. Cyber bullying can affect many people and in some cases it can even affect how a teacher decides to run their classroom because of what they are receiving online. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “A second reason why schools should limit students’ online speech is because Cyberbullying distracts the learning environment…” This quote demonstrates that students in school can get discouraged to work in class because of negative comments that are occuring on campus. This quote is also trying to say that the negative things that people say online can lead to physical actions that can physically harm someone. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you really introduce the problems that are currently happening. You also talk about many different topics that many other people can learn from. There are many things that are happening that people like us canadress these strong topics that are occurring in today’s society.
      -Carla Zavala

    • Noe:
      I like the idea and argument that you are giving. But, I think that you can always make some improvements. For one, make your three points that you are going to talk about more specific. Perhaps saying “cyber-bullying is a problem prevalent in today’s youth” could help your reader follow a bit more. The argument you made is that schools should limit students online speech. You did a great job of giving examples that favored your stand. What would take this next level is looking at both sides. Looking at both sides of the arguments, presenting both of them, and then showing how what you’re saying is more acceptable will help your argument be stronger. When you’re talking about cyber-bullying, it is an issue, not a person or place. It does not have to be capitalized every single time. I really liked how you gave specific examples for each point you were making. But, instead of saying document A,B, or Z, I would have liked a link to what you were talking about. You did a good job at explaining it, but a link to your sources would help. One major thing I did notice throughout the whole post was how the sentences were structured. For me, it was a bit hard to follow and understand. I would say to use periods just overall in general. It just helps with the flow of writing.

    • Noe,

      Overall this piece was somewhat confusing to me, but had some great points. I was confused when you jumped from restriction of free speech straight to cyberbullying. It might make more sense to explain the correlation between the two before getting right into your thesis. Your points in your thesis were pretty solid, but the fact that “cyberbullying is a problem” could be seen as an overarching point that encompasses the other two. On the other hand, great job having specific examples and cases to back up your arguments. You cited specific documents and appealed to emotion successfully with the examples you included. Good job!

      Here is a link to some solutions to cyberbullying that don’t restrict free speech necessarily:

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